The Lotus Lab 3.15


The Lotus Lab 1.15


This is volume 2 of BlackTyAffair and my duo project, “Synergy”.  This one is sure to increase your heart rate and if it doesn’t you are already dead. ~DJS


The Lotus Lab Show 96 – The Lotus Lab Life II

Guess who’s bizack?!?! The Lotus Lab Life is a mix of eclectic sounds. No one sound can define what The Lotus Lab is. TLL’s mission is to up your ear intelligence and expand your horizons. Enjoy di chunes and pass around – DJS


The Lotus Lab Show 95 – Cafe Cool IX

Cafe Cool IX (front)

Cafe Cool IX (back)



The Lotus Lab Show 94 – Love in My Language Vol. 2

Love In My Language V2 (front)

Love In My Language V2 (back)

This is the 2nd installment of Love in My Language made as part of a double header for V Day. It features the work of some respected local creatives such as Jesse Boykins III, Chris Faust and Tiombe Lockhart.



The Lotus Lab Show 93 – Hard Rocks & Heartbreaks

HardRocks&Heartbreaks (front)

HardRocks&Heartbreaks (back)

This edition of The Lotus Lab Show begins where “Hip Hop is For Lovers” left off. I had to bring it back for the day of the year when lovers rock and girls get all warm and fuzzy in their warm and fuzzies. This mix has hip hop love songs that are perfect for that hard rock that gets a little emotional and the girl who loves dope tracks with dope beats.



The Lotus Lab Show 92 – NYE Grimey 2014 Mix





The Lotus Lab Show 91 – NYE Soulful 2014 Mix





The Lotus Lab Show 90 – Cafe Cool VIII

CafeCool VIII (front)

CafeCool VIII (back)

A cool downtempo mix that’s great for your chill, lounge moments.



The Lotus Lab Show 89 – House of Fly Emcees

House of Fly Emcees



The Lotus Lab Show 88 – Love in My Language

Love in my language (front)

Love in my language (back)

Dedicated to that special someone….



The Lotus Lab Show 87 – Live and Direct V1



This is a recording from my life set at Village Lantern (6.6.13).  This one is a banger!!!!



The Lotus Lab Show 86 – “WWGJD?”



This mix is dedicated to the greatness of Grace Jones.  I imagine her stepping into a sweaty night club and making her way straight to the dance floor once the music starts to play.  Her track “Hurricane” is featured on this mix.  Play this at your next party.  Your guests and your ears will thank you.