Hip-Hop Confessions Episode 6

This episode features Q-Tip and Peanut Butter Wolf as they discuss the Beastie Boys, Biz Markie and J Dilla.  Skillz I’ve been waiting for this.  You got me hooked on these videos.  The track on the outro is fiyah!!!

NO BUENO!!!: Q-Tip stop rapping, ur making my ears bleed

This section is dedicated to my friend Cyren Young who has been attempting to prove to me that Q-Tip is still a dope lyricist.  I’m sorry but his rhyme flow sucks!!  He’s an awesome DJ, I won’t take that away from him but ever since A Tribe Called Quest broke up, his lyrical skill has been on the decline. He’s not a strong enough emcee to pen a whole album and keep me interested.  His lyrics are so simple at this point that he might as well add a southern Soulja Boy, Ying Yang Twins beat to it and then it would be more appropriate.  Now I must admit, there are times when he guest stars on someone else’s track and his flow is okay but that further proves that he can only handle a few bars and need not make anymore albums.  Stick to deejaying and maybe production and call it quits for rapping because really dude, there are so many underground emcees that would give you a run for your money.



This is an excerpt from his song “You”.  Honestly if this was made into an r&b song then it wouldn’t be so bad because you know that lyrics don’t have to be that deep as long as you can “sang” in order to get a pass.

“…lookin for how i see her
when i finally realized couldn’t believe it
i couldn’t, even swallow
had a lump in my throat my stomach hollow
i had a notion that things were fishy
but everything was fine so i’d be pissy
but when you wasn’t seeing me nights you get in
thats when the snoopin and shit it would begin
where you at?
where you going?
thats what i get when i pick up the phone
not a hello or i miss you
or the renaissnace how does it do?
suspicious ones go few
can stress out your brain
in weighs on your mane
and helps you peep game i thought it was me
but then i could it see”