Raye 6 – “La Dolce Vita”

Upon first sight you may be distracted by the larger than life hair, the super sexy ensemble or even her fierce shoe game, but smoldering beneath the surface is a dessert of super thick and sweet soul.  With a voice reminiscent of Stephanie Mills, Raye 6 has a voice that can’t be reckoned with. Her talent has even gone international after visiting Japan, a country known for it’s daring fashion sense and limitless innovation, which seems to be a perfect match for Raye 6. Everything about her steez, screams star and I advise you to get on this train before it leaves the station.  If she keeps on pushing the way she has been: music, videos, pastries, lifestyle it won’t be long before Raye 6 becomes the name that everyone knows.


DJS: You seem to always be “on”. I think I’ve only seen you dress down two times. Always being on your “A” game is a talent in itself.  What is your favorite outfit to wear when you just wanna lounge?

R6: Yeah it’s a talent and a burden. It shows you how society will only accept you when you’re “on”. When I’m not “on”which is rare, I’m at home relaxing in my birthday suit.

DJS: With the plethora of skimpy and sometimes complicated outfits that you’ve worn, have you ever had a Janet Jackson moment?

R6: With the plethora of skimpy outfits that I own, it’s inevitable that I have a malfunction right? But I haven’t and I won’t because all of my clothes are custom made for my body, so the only skins you’ll ever see  is what I allow.

DJS: Your whole style is sexy: from your music, your presence, your fashion, and even the name of your pastry business, “Eat My Treats”. Who do you find sexy today and why?

R6: I find Michael McDonald sexy because of that voice, The Obama’s are sexy because of the power and black love they possess.

DJS: In the movie, “Like Water for Chocolate” every emotion the main character felt would transfer to the food she was cooking. If a tear fell into the batter and you ate the cookie, you would cry.  I can only imagine what kind of reaction someone eating your pastries would have.  Give me 3 names of super sexy pastries.

R6: “Kiss my Cakes” which are my multi flavored giant cupcakes topped with handmade fondant lips, “Roses Are” which are my handmade rose cupcakes, “Va-JJ” which are my hand sculpted sugar vagina cookies.

DJS: You recently released the official video for “Universal Lover”.  Who came up with the styling of the video and how much of a role did you play in that process?

R6: I came up with the styling for the video. The hair the clothing the jewelry everything. Any vision I have is executed to the fullest by me. I know what I want. I know what attitude I want you to possess when you’re working with me and I know what I want you to look like. The creative process is easy when it’s coming from your own mind.

DJS: So your entourage, “The Bubble Girls” are beautiful companions that add to the whole appeal of your stage show.  What was the concept behind them when you were formulating the idea?

R6: The Bubble Girls were my imaginary friends when I was a little girl. They wore tutu’s and blew bubbles. So when I was thinking of an added visual stimulant for my shows I brought them to life.

DJS: I have seen a few artists become very closed and adopt an elitist attitude on their rise to fame. I must say that you are one of the nicest, most humble people I’ve encountered.  How do you stay grounded?

R6: I stay grounded by knowing that what I do is never enough. There’s so much more to accomplish so there’s no need to feel like “I’ve arrived!” I still am and will always be in “building” mode.

DJS: “Chocolate Mahogany Poppy” was featured on Sin City II because the song was so delicious. How much reality is in your lyrics?

R6: My lyrics are all reality, no painted pictures here.


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