P.U.D.G.E. – “Hot as the kitchen; cold as your Frigidaire”

It’s the most refreshing feeling to meet someone for the first time and you are able to speak with them with ease about a myriad of things.  That’s the feeling I got when I first met P.U.D.G.E not to mention he sweetened the introduction by handing me a vinyl copy of his project with Dibiase, Los Angeles 1/10.  His musical scope is expansive, and his appreciation for the art is admirable.  As an emcee, deejay and producer, P.U.D.G.E has remained busy touring and has released at least 6 projects in the past few years.  Take a closer look….


DJS: How do you come up with the names of your tracks?

P: It’s a combination of influences, between what i might have made to make it (samples, artists, sounds,) or simply the first word/sound that comes to mind after it’s rocking for a while. No real rhyme or reason.

DJS: Let’s say you were putting together a group of your all time favorite producers, kind of like DC Comics “Super Friends”. Who would you choose to be on your squad? 

P: Awwwwwww chit!!! Dilla (R.I.P.) is the captain, Pete Rock is the OG, Primo is the enforcer, BattleCat for the West coast slump,  & to round out my squad…Diamond D, Nottz, Havoc , DJ Quik , Pimp C (R.I.P.), Erick Sermon (90’s era), Large Professor, Organized Noize & DJ Pooh.  I really want to have more, but i’ts already unfair. LOL.

DJS: You use a lot of movie clips for your albums, so I’m assuming that you are an avid movie watcher.  Name your top 5 movies of all time.

P: I don’t know if I would be considered an avid movie watcher.  Believe it or not alot of the clips I use aren’t necessarily my favs. They made sense with the beat, but… hmmmmmm, The Last Dragon, BellyRockers, Barfly & Penitentiary II.

DJS: So you’re a producer, an emcee and from the looks of your tweets, a life coach or budding spiritual healer.  What do you want to accomplish in the next 5 yrs?

P: I would like to officially get to the point where I am thriving off of music solely. Complete independence from any other revenue stream but the release and performance of my art (and some deejaying) is (my) financial goal. Also in terms of spirituality and my physical being, I just want to continue my commitment to improvement. I’m not sure where it would put me in 5 years, but if I work at getting a ‘lil better every day, I’m sure it will be a good place.

DJS: Let’s do a bit of word association, I’m going to say 10 words/ideas and tell me the first thought that comes to mind:

Art sensitive
4080 –  shady industry types
Bass line – my favorite part (and i love to yell it right when it comes in, like at a soundclash)
Mary Jane – she’s my main thing, she makes me feel alright. and uh, she makes my heart sing.
Fame – overrated
Reality – ignored
Square – man made
Master plan – the creator’s got one
Collaboration – a big part of musical growth
Nocturnal – not me (im a morning person)

DJS: Your name is an acronym and you reference 222 a lot. What do both of those mean?

P: Wellllll, my name means many different things. It started as a reference to my stature in high school. “Pudgy Reggy” my homegirl used to call me.  As I got older and more serious as an artist I wanted a name that “meant something”.  Instead of calling myself some pretentious and deep nickname, for the sake of looking cool, I made it an acronym. Here are a few … People. Usually.Dont.Get.Even / Practice.Utilize.Divine.Grace.Eryday /  Peace.Understanding.Dignity.Garners.Excellence / Persistent.Unyeiding.Demanding.Good.Energy and the list goes on… I used to change it on my AIM status daily.

222 is the street my grandmother lives on in Queens that I moved back to when I was 17 and first realizing that I was put here to make music.  As the path got clearer the number started showing up in my everyday life.  I would see 2:22, 12:22 am & pm. I would see it in addresses, phone numbers and it just started showing up A LOT.  A few years later I looked it up in numerology and it stated that you are on the right path.  As of now it’s the second and most recent tattoo I have.

DJS: If there was a message that you wanted to get across with your music, what would it be?

P: Love Is the message… Be Yourself. Tune in to what YOU really want and how you want to be.  Nothing in this life is promised, so enjoy each day as it could be your last.  Be thankful for it all.

Follow him on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/PUDGEMCEE

Check out his Bandcamp page


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