P.So – the average rapper’s Picasso

There’s nothing more dangerous than an intelligent rapper. They can ignite ideas and inspiration in the minds of their listeners.  Hell, I was so impressed with Suicide by Jellyfish that I felt compelled to share this with my readers. I had heard of P.So (formerly Picasso) for a while but with so many other situations in my life I wasn’t ready. However, there was something about Sucide by Jellyfish that made me really want to connect with this brother. As a member of the AOK Colletive, P.So who also refers to himself as the “Earth Tone King” has released  a few impressive projects: Earthtones, Moontones, For Your Consideration, Suicide by Jellyfish and More Jelly (the latter two done in collaboration with 8thW1).

He received the moniker “Earth Tone King” for his preference of low-key, non-flashy clothes and sneakers in different earth-toned shades as well as his music selection and process being very natural and organic. He says of his creative process, “I believe that music is the language of life, and what more could I be fluent in than living. I don’t necessarily MAKE music, it naturally finds me.”


DJS: You have a keen sense of observing the subtle things.  I’m interested in what movies you’ve seen that has left you truly inspired and amazed?

P.SO: A film question! My second love after music. My favorite movies are: Goodfellas, The Matrix, Children of Men, City of God and Fight Club …. those movie all have inspired me in different ways.  I love good stories and post apocalyptic stuff.  I like these specific flicks for their creativity, cinematography, and captivating stories…. I try to do the same with my music.

DJS: In the song “Vintage Clothes” you mention your affinity to vintage wear.  What other items throughout life have become classic items?

P.SO: Comic Books.  LOL…. Im an avid collector of comics, those usually get more valuable with age.  Vinyl too!  I have a few crates.  Aside from that, I don’t hold on to too many old things….

DJS: Throughout your projects, you mention Venus De Milo, Eiffel Tower,  Picasso,  Opera,  Braille and Barry Manilow to name a few. These references are not often, if ever referred to in hip hop.  What were your interests as a child that continues to influence you today?

P.SO: My mother was big on culture.  In the summer time she would take me to see Shakespeare plays and the such.  I used to read a TON of books, mostly fiction. I reference a lot of artistic, and historical things because I feel like Hip-Hop is an art form just like any other, why not mention them in the same vein?

DJS: Emilo Sparks mentioned on Earthtones that you used to write for the sitcom “Frasier”. How did that opportunity come about?

P.SO: LMAO!… That was supposed to be a joke,… he made that up.  That guy is really funny…

DJS: You got me! Imagine we were filming a documentary on you.  Take us through a classic day with P.SO

P.SO: I usually wake up around 9 or 10 am.  I try to work out (2-3 miles) then sit down to a hearty breakfast of whole wheat toast, turkey bacon, fresh squeezed OJ.  Then I would probably partake in some…. choice herbs.  Perhaps play some Nintendo Wii.  Then I usually do about an hour or so of emails and another three hours of music.  Ill probably lay down for an hour nap at this point.  After I wake up, I’ll probably get ready to go out (there’s always something going on in NYC!!)

DJS: I had a conversation recently with a video director and he stated that if you “aren’t (in this business) to make money and just wanna make art then put on your backpack and keep your day job”.  How do you feel about that statement?

P.SO: He’s %100 correct. It’s very difficult to make a living off of independent Hip Hop.  I still have a “day job.” You have to have a lot of love and energy to strive on in the independent market.  As artists its difficult to develop a business sense because art and business exist on opposite ends of the spectrum.  In order to be successful you have to figure out how you plan to generate income from your talent.

DJS: On “Women” ft. Homeboy Sandman from the More Jelly project, you sampled Bjork’s  “Innocence”. (Cool choice) She is a very abstract artist and doesn’t always get the credit she deserves.  Also the song, “Pride and Joy” reminds me of Boogiemonsters, “Honey Dips In Gotham” which was also an underrated abstract rap group of the 90s. What artists of any music genre are you really diggin’ right now?  Who do you want to work with in the future?

P.SO: “Honey Dips in Gotham”!! Great song!! Wow I haven’t heard anyone talk about that record in a while! You have a good ear… Most of the artists I really dig I’ve had the pleasure of working with like: 8thw1, Homeboy Sandman, Fresh Daily, Von Pea,….. other artists that I like and would like to work with are: Curren$y, Drake, Tiron, non Hip Hop I like: Broken Bells, Whitest Boy Alive, Washed Out, Phoenix, Passion Pit, Miike Snow, just to name a few.

To get your hands on some of his projects or converse with the artist click on these links:



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