Fresh Daily – where being “Fresh” has no expiration date

Being consistent can prove to be a challenging task especially when the bar of excellence is constantly raised.  One Brooklyn resident, so confident in his potential, donned the name “Fresh Daily” and he delivers.  If you’ve been reading you will know that I hold him in high regard and he never disappoints.  He’s an MC, graphic designer, illustrator and fashion designer. He has released numerous projects such as Winter Fresh, Tomorrow is Today, Gorgeous Killer and recently, Mothership/Land. On Dec. 1st, Fresh Daily hosted an event celebrating the launch of his new website and collaborative project with Sacred Stitch.  He created the Mothership/Land signature shirt with Paid Bless, a t-shirt with Sacred Stitch in addition to a funky 5-panel cap that exudes freshness.

So I felt it only right to take a moment to chop it up with my Bedstuy neighbor. I expected nothing less than the hilarity that ensued …


DJS: AOK Collective seems to be a group of really artistic individuals, tell me how that group came about and what qualities did these individuals possess to make them a member of the collective?

FD: AOK is more of an idea think tank, a brain trust, a consortium of individuals as opposed to a group or supergroup. That’s a key reason we chose the title ‘collective’ so it could be stated as such. Everyone in AOK was handpicked by me to be in the collective for one reason or other. Different strengths and multifaceted visions was one key thing i kept in mind when putting it all together. For example, 8THW1 in my opinion is a genius with creating hooks and making a song both really well structured and catchy. While Nola makes really dance worthy girl powered cultural anthems. 2 Hungry Bros provide the boom-bap, sample driven aesthetic bringing the pace. I mean individually, we all brought something signature to the table AS INDIVIDUALS.

DJS: You mentioned on Twitter that a few years ago ppl were questioning who you were and now heads are shouting you out. If you could make a dream team of rappers that aren’t wildly known (AOK members excluded) who would they be?

FD: Well, if I was to make another younger consortium of east coast based emcees/singers/etc, it would probably be Moruf, Scienze, Children of The Night, Nyle, Prince Supreme, Dj Kraff Swagga, Nitty Scott, Maffew Ragazino and Kris Kasanova. All AMAZING young artists. Really blown away by their potential.

DJS: You’ve often spoken about relationships (Get Over, HBO, The Next Best) and have referred to yourself as the “Gorgeous Killer”.  What do you look for in a companion? Does she have to be a hip hop head? 

FD: The Gorgeous Killer title is more about rapping, but relationships, yeah, I think it’s a learning process. You don’t learn to be with someone instantly. It’s about compromise, honesty, attraction and communication. Mostly you have to be honest to yourself before you’re honest with anyone else. Know what you want and do not settle for less. Most of us don’t know precisely what we want. We only sorta/kinda know what we want. Figure out specifically what you want. That’s hard to do. Especially for women though. Because all women want are to be presented with options. You wanna buy a woman something she’ll love? Buy her whatever it is in a set.
What do I look for in a woman, aside from being attractive, she should be smart and funny and definitely STYLISH. Me, does my potential boo have to be a hip-hop head? Hm, i would say definitely. Hip-Hop is an integral part of who I am. Even if she’s not a huge hardcore rap fan at least if she’s open and loves the art form & culture we have a start.

DJS: On “Tomorrow is Today” mixtape, you sampled artists such as Gorillaz, Mirwais and Angela McCluskey to name a few.  If you were making an electro/alternative original album (not mixtape), what producers would you want to work with?

FD: Ooh, good question! Felix the Housecat, Will.I.Am, Diplo, Benga, Crookers, Daft Punk, Rich Harrison and Stargate.

DJS: You have exquisite taste.  You work with ill producers and videographers, pick excellent samples, your clothing is put together impeccably, shall I continue? Off the top of your head, name 5 things that are of poor taste.

FD: Firstly, thank you. It’s nice to be noticed for your efforts in quality control. 5 things in poor taste?
1- Commons last album.
2- Keyshia Cole’s singles. Can we have ONE song that’s NOT about REGRET? I love Keyshia Cole though.
3- Kanye’s Neckline. I looove the multiple gold chains. That’s dumb hard, b. but Swoopneck tees on men are NAGL. for all that, just SKIP THE SHIRT, bro. Unless u like your chest but hate your belly. See how gay this is getting already?
4- Peoples obsession with Lil B. This cookin’ w/ Basedgod has GOT to stop.
5- Subliminal side talk on public forums or social networking sites. You scared, doggy? Say it w/ ya chest!

DJS: It is apparent that fashion plays a major role in your life as mentioned in songs like “Kill a Brand” and “Space Movies”. If you were a rapper in the early 80s what style would you have adopted?  Name key pieces.

FD: Truck gold jewelry like Slick Rick (Africa Pendant and Nefertti pendant a must), heavy on the Gucci loafers (no socks, please) Shearlings, MCM everything, Cazals, top and bottom gold teeth. 3 speed lines on my temple w/ every hair cut. Nation of Islam Crescent Moon and Star ring, 4 finger rings and Reebok Pumps (although thats technically ’90’s, I know)

DJS: Speaking of fashion, you’ve mentioned your collaboration with Sacred Stitch.  How did that deal come about?

FD: Well Sacred Stitch was a heavy presence at the last few Brooklyn Hip-Hop festivals and I think somehow I always ended up with a t-shirt but not from them directly. So when they hit me up to hook me up w/ some tees, i thought a better idea would be to design one with them. We took it one step further and designed a cap together. Keeping in line with the theme of my last project, we used that as the inspiration for the design and the choice of pattern for the cap.

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