DJ Aura – doesn’t want your labels just your attention

The music industry, is like a country club of men that won’t allow you entry unless you have some luggage between your legs. On the outskirts of patriarchy lies a group of dope women doing dope things. There’s nothing sexier than women in control of their art. One member of this league of extraordinary women, is DJ Aura. I came across this sister while wasting away my free time social networking and I became an instant fan. She has an ear for flava underground joints and her spirit is genuine. Time for you to get familiar with DJ Aura.


DJS: When did you decide that you wanted to become a DJ? What experiences led up to that decision?

DJA: Being a dj is something that I’ve always wanted to do I just never had a chance to learn how to dj. I can remember seeing the movie Juice for the first time. I’ve always loved music and been very obsessive over my collection. So a few years ago I happen to find myself at a “djing for girls” workshop. Once I learned the basics, the rest was history.

DJS: There are different types of djs: night club dj, radio dj, mixtape dj, ipod dj…. what type of dj are you and what challenges have you come across trying to express your art your way?

DJA: I’m guess I’m pretty old school. I dj w/ 1200’s. I will dj any where for $$, bat mizvahs ba mi LOL. Well I’ve dj’ed several radio shows, and I have my own radio show. I’ve spun at poetry ciphers, sneakers shows, art shows, and I have a monthly party. I post mixes & make podcasts. I guess I’m pretty versatile.

DJS: How do you feel about gender specific words such as “femcee” and “she-j”?

DJA: hmmmm She-J. I don’t think I like that term. What makes a female dj different from a male dj? Doesn’t art transcend gender? I’m not one for labels.

DJS: Let’s play a game of word association.  Say the first thing that comes to your mind:

SL1200 – Antique or an artifact that should be preserved
Social Networks – NECESSARY!!!
The 90s – Golden Era/ Cross Colors
Shoes – 54.11’s
Soft – Bunny Rabits
Nerds – Sexy
Natural – K.O.S. Knowledge of Self
Honesty – Authentic
Crush – Groove
Influence – Global/International

DJS: What influences you artistically?

DJA: Everything influences me artistically life, polictics, people

DJS: If you could open for any DJ who would it be?

DJA: If I could open for any dj in the world I would open for Kid Capri

DJS: What are your top 5 records to spin and why?

DJA: 1. Ascension by MaxwellI’ve loved this song since the 1st time I heard. I think this song welcomes people to the dancefloor
2. You Give Me Something by Jamiroquaiessential to any dance party
3. Golden Lady by Stevie Wonder I’ve always imagined myself dancing to this song at my wedding
4. Jump by K-oskinda pacifies the house heads
5. Shakatak by Night BirdsI feel this song lets people know they should be dancing together. This song transforms singles into couples.

DJS: Being a dj allows you to travel the world, meet all kinds of people and even open up other avenues never once fathomed. What would you like to accomplish with our craft?

DJA: It’s so interesting how music unites people. Everyone no matter what race, creed, religion, or sexual orientation dances. Music is essential to life in my opinion. I would like to see communities unify and people take ownership of what happens in their community. I would like my music to incite social change.

DJS: What kind of advice could you offer to young girls who want to embark in a career that is male dominated?

DJA: I would tell any young woman who aspires to become a dj to define her sound. Only spin the music that inspires you. Don’t be driven by money; however, make sure you know your worth. Lastly, NEVER COMPROMISE!

DJS:  You just released the mixtape “Taste of Power vol.1”. What was the motivation behind that project?

DJA: I think independent female artists need more platforms to showcase their work. And I thought what other way to help this cause than by making a mixtape.



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