Top 10 Krusty Rap Mofos

In the rap world there have been some really crusty looking rappers that always tend to have a flock of girls around them.  I’m sorry but a bottle of Wray & Nephew still couldn’t make you boneable.  Check out this list of the top 10 crusty rap mofos and tell me what you think. Notice the underlining theme for most of them – permanent gold teeth. (This list is in no particular order)

Crunchy Blak (Three 6 Mafia) – Member of Three 6 Mafia until 2006 due to shady business practices by the group.  He is also known around his native Memphis home as a celebrated dancer and one of the pioneers of  G-Walking although he doesn’t claim to be the originator.


Craig Mack – This one hit wonder, penned the 1994 “Flava in Ya Ear” hit.  We haven’t really heard from him since, but how could we expect any different when you deal with Puffy/ Bad Boy?

Trick Daddy – Formerly Trick Daddy Dollars,  this Miami rapper, signed to Slip-n-Slide records and had hits “Nann N*gga” ft. Trina and “Shut Up” that incorporated a marching band into the sound.  Recently there have been a beef between him and another Miami rapper, Rick Ross.


Gucci Mane – He’s a southern rapper who has a lot of controversy surrounding him lately and was recently jailed for violating probation.  He is serving 12 months in jail.


Lil Boosie – Is a Baton Rouge rapper that has 5 albums under his belt.  He is either in prison or house arrest.  There is some gray area on what his status is but with six kids he needs to get his life in order.

Lil’ Wayne – This New Orleans rapper is the most famous from that area.  Formerly of the Cash Money Clik he has released a slew of multi-platinum albums and seems to be a baby making factory.  I recently reported on his shocking dental surgery.


Ol’ Dirty Bastard – Affectionately known as ODB, he was a member of the Staten Island rap powerhouse, Wu-Tang Clan.  Dirty was the loose cannon of the group and always kept people on their toes.  This didn’t stop this successful rapper from keeping true to his crusty ways though.  The father of 13 kids, I posted the MTV interview of Dirt McGirt (one of his many aliases) going to the welfare office in a limo.


Plies – This former homecoming king of Fort Myers Senior High School is best known for his recent hits, “Shawty” and “Hypnotized”. I’m glad I didn’t go to his high school if he was voted the king. He flaunts keeping company with goons hence the name of his new album ” Goon Affiliated” scheduled to be released this year.  A few years ago, controversy surrounded him in regards to a July 2, 2006 shooting in Gainesville, Florida where 5 people were injured.

Flavor Flav – No need to explain who this idiota is.  Thank God I don’t have to see him on TV anymore looking like a straight flea.  Never understood how he got involved with Public Enemy to begin with.


M.O.P. – This duo whose name stands for Mash Out Posse, hails from Brownsville, Brooklyn and are known for hardcore rhymes.  I must say I like some of their music but won’t be mad if they never make another video because looking in their grill makes me wanna hurl.  Clean it up please!

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