The Twerk Team – Are you effin’ kidding me?

****JANUARY 2013****

[This topic is no longer up for discussion.  There is nothing new to say about this post.  I appreciate all of your comments, whether I agree with them or not.  Frankly, I’m over the whole subject.  Feel free to read and pass along as you like. Peace…]


I just recently found out that what I call the “booty clap” is referred to as “twerking”.  Seriously if you type in the word on Youtube, you’ll find a plethora of videos showing girls shaking their phatty and for what reason is still a mystery.  After being informed that my super feminist, lesbian roommate wanted to learn how to twerk, I wasn’t sure I heard her correctly.  So curiosity led me to view some of the videos and that’s when I came across, The Twerk Team.

The Twerk Team, first starting out as a trio, are two females (don’t think they’ve earned “woman” status as of yet) doing what they do best, twerking.  They seem to have taken this seriously by setting up an interview video to let all their adoring fans know a little more about them.  They have even gone as far as to start rapping as well and here’s where the ultra fuckery begins…

Growing up in the South, I have an appreciation for “bamma music”.  As a youth, I used to play DJ Magic Mike, Gucci Crew II and 2 Live Crew on a regular basis.  However, that was over 20 years ago and thankfully the music has evolved (for the most part) to rappers having better lyrical skill. That assessment excludes the Twerk Team, however.  Their music video is supposed to display two young women’s musical talent, but yet what it does display is a generation of kids, growing up way too fast with no ambition or talent.  The song absolutely sucks and if it wasn’t for all of the special effects, I don’t think I could have watched it all the way through.

It’s a shame what these kids do for fun these days.  They are a bunch of oversexed, uneducated kids who I don’t foresee a very good future for.  I wonder if you see anything similar to what I surmised.



So the debate about The Twerk Team is still brewing and I decided to see what new has been going on with these ladies. Apparently their Youtube account was deleted so they started a new one and I must say it’s more of the same b.s.  Honestly these girls look like strip club dancers.  I wonder what they are aspiring to because that’s as far as they are gonna go from what I can gather.  No wait, maybe they’ll do some videos for current wack ass rappers (maybe they have already idk) and then slip up and get preggos from some loser.  I mean really, these girls have the potential to do so much better yet they are drawn to posting videos of themselves twerking the same moves over and over again.  How many times can you watch this ish?  Almost all their videos are showcasing their backside.  You can go through watching these and never know what either one of them look like.  Nevermind finding out their opinions on anything because it looks like that don’t have any opinions that would matter to an educated individual anyway.  It’s sad.  I’m tired of seeing women lowering themselves to this level when we are capable of so much.  We birth nations, we don’t have to twerk to be succesful.  Granted, success is relative but this by no means seems like success.  Ladies, you are just a passing fad and your audience of short attention span individuals will tire of you and move on to the next booty because that’s all that you are, an ass.  (pun intended).


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  1. umm leavedeze gurlz alone dey doin dem dey makein a livn do wht dey liktuh do at least dey aint ghedin in trble they doin them all dese put dwn twards dem need tuh stop shot out to Mizz.Tweksum nd Lady Licious alll yhu hater need to shut i am ohn a twerk team my self team nuvoo ohkk so dnt beh puttin no twerk team dwnn yall wish yall could be were we at
    Lady Dee Signing owwff

    • I have no idea what that meant…and unfortunately we are all a bit more uneducated by attempting to read it… THAT was ridiculous. Oh yeah and The Twerk Team? The name should tell you something about how talented they are. BTW Sakir do you get into fashion at all? Hit me up via Facebook if you’re interested in reviewing a street wear brand coming out of Japan and LA.

      • Peace Reggie,

        I don’t blog here anymore. This site is just for posting mixes and events that I’m spinning at. If you want some of the mixes you can cop them by clicking on the “Lotus Lab” tab. I also have a tumblr that I usually blog from. I can shout out your street wear there on that site. or click on the Blog tab at the top of the page.

    • Bitch you are stupid. they are triflin. you probably shake your ass for a living. i totally agree that this shit is not cute. they call it dancing this shit is not dancing anybody can shake their ass. you have to have skills to really know how to DANCE and these bitches cant rap.

  2. let them girl do them stop hating. Atleast they are not promoting sex. They are dancing and making their way. Just remember they are young and having fun. Meeting stars doing It. Women been shaking their asses for years, they just didnt take It to the next level.

    • oh yeah… bc most guys wouldnt think about sex while watching this. they must be thinking “oh look at that technique” “she must practice a lot” “i hope my daughter grows up to be like them”
      beautiful woman >>> bad bitches

    • I’m a father of two daughters and though this wouldn’t be the first choice I’d have for them I would not totally object. I agree with the Reg-E-Reg it’s not sex just sexy! isis probably knows all about section 8 and 6 children bc she prolly a member of that group! Quit hatin!!

  3. They actually started out with 5 girls. The mother of the two that are left has always been their manager. They were only like 15 & 16 when they started shaking their behinds on YouTube and generating a following. Their “twerk hustle” was not a fluke, but a calculated move that was years in the making.

  4. Im wit reg-e on this yall need to let them do them and worry bout yo business. To be honest i ahnt never seen girls do it like them. lol

  5. No offense but when I see The Twerk Team and the mother managing them, it makes me appreciate my mother all the more. A beautiful, classy, educated woman, my mother raised me to be just that. Is the brain positioned above the gluteus maximus? For all the talk about girl power, they should join the girl power movement that demands more brain attraction and less *** attraction. I love to dance too! I just agree with the values instilled in me at a young age. As a woman, I don’t feel the need to use my body to achieve success. Girls need to know that there is an art to being sexy STILL without the need for booty shorts and tight pants. Calling all ladies with the true girl power – Make the fellas look UP, not down and have fun doing it. Furthermore, make your money doing it too! ^_^

    • I agree with you totally. I try not to intervene with other people’s opinion too much but it’s a shame to see all the men that are “for” what these girls are doing. I wonder if they would feel the same way if their daughter was doing that. Sadly one of the commenters said he wouldn’t mind. What happened to the days when parents wanted their daughters’ to be smart and cultured. I may be a little older than some but when I was their age I never dreamed of doing what they are doing. I had too much self respect and I also had many more options because I used my mind. Remember, beauty fades, sometimes very quickly.

      • Umm. Excuse me Ms. “All the men” aren’t for this mess and if you’d read their following most of their vocal followers are females. I’m tired of women trying to make men responsible for their actions. Miss me with that. What these girls are doing is their own bad decision and if I read correctly their mothers were the primary supporters initially. But this is the type of women (girls rather) that American society produces today and true beauty contrary to popular belief is a lot deeper than just the skin. Whatever beauty these girls had was gone long ago.

      • Benny you need reread what I wrote. I did by no means infer that “all men” are pro twerk team. If you pay attention the statement I made was that I’m ashamed at the men that ARE pro twerk team in regards to this blog post. Comprehend what is written before you respond.

  6. If it were my daughters I’d be whipping that ass end of story. But since It’s not I don’t give a fuck…I’ll watch that ass all day….we all know they not going anywhere shaking they ass or with that terrible rapping.

  7. I’m 13 year old about to be 14 and I want to be on the twerk team I can dance like they can and I want to be like them I do get good grades I still would go to collage while twerking but I wanna be on the twerk team =]

  8. Well Growing Up kids Well Do Stupid Things But I Understand There Not Teens Anymore. But Put It Has This they Probably Didnt Do So Good In School So They Didnt Go To College Are Anything But Aleast There Doing Something There Good At To Get Cash. Instead Of Sitting On there Asses & Not Doing Anything & Taking People Money By Getting Welfare Are Something Thing Like That. & Aleast They Dont Have A Babies Are Anything Like Them Other Young Girls Out There. So People Should Think About That Too. The World Is Just Changing & Its Not Just Them Who Is Helping To Do That Everybody & Some Of These Mothers That Makes There Teenage Daughters Go Out & Do Anything They Please.
    & Also Im A Teen My Self I Love Dancing Jazz, Modern, Ballet & I Also Twerk I Didnt Get It From Them I Was Born In Jamaica & Our Dances Are Close To There Kind Of Dancing & One Day Im Going To Become A Track Runner Are A Dancer. So Dont Just Talk About These Girls It Every Body In This World Thats Doing Some Crazy Stuff.

    • Sweetheart I’m glad that you are showing ambition and are considering a career in Track & Field (you know we Jamaicans love running!). My dad isn’t college educated and he came to this country and laid a good foundation for my family to prosper. Success is subjective and is measured in different forms. In this day and age you don’t necessarily need a college education to be successful but you do need to be educated in whatever field/trade you decide to pursue. Twerking is a passing fad and relies on your body image and beauty, which will fade with time. There are so many other avenues that you can choose to be successful that requires the use of brain function. A smart woman is much more attractive and respected than one that only knows how to shake her ass. Do better. Dream bigger.

      Also learn the difference between “they’re, their, there.” And also the difference between the use of “are” and “our”. These words are homonyms. Reading is fundamental. Take care.

      • U r makin me n all d reasonable and sane women out der proud. Tanks a lot! Its gud 2 knw dat der r stil women hu make use of dier intuition. If only dese girls knew d irreversible damage dey r doin 2 deir selves n d world at large.

  9. What an hater made a whole page about it ;so who doenst have the life .. #and where do you work again ? Bloggers these dsys get your money up we paid ..

    • They put themselves on the web and you expect no one to have an opinion? Furthermore, your comment is pure comedy and further proves my stance. I have yet to see one Twerk Team support demonstrate common sense and/or intelligence. Work on yourself before you come to me with foolishness. Get on my level.

    • exactly no life….whos the dummy now?..if theres something better for them to be doin..then its only natural for u to have somethin better…like get yo money on….. I agree with the Raffiel…lol

  10. I have to agree with your post. I sat there watching some of their videos trying to understand what everybody sees in the twerk team. All I could see was repetitive jiggling and shorts/panties riding their cracks so that every so often they’d have to pull them down and keep going. I am not a hater I just don’t respect what they do. If I ever saw one of my younger cousins or in the future my daughter twerking on the web best believe I would have even more of a problem with it. I also couldn’t help but notice that an immense amount of their supporters can’t type or speak proper english to save their lives. What a sad sad generation I’m a part of.

    • Exactly!!! The lack of education that is demonstrated through their responses let’s me know that I’m not trippin’ and that I’m on the right side of this debate.

  11. Well, to be honest I’m sort of on the fence with this debate. On the one hand, the Twer Team is certainly a display of uneducated chaff in society. The fact that two young ladies have to shake thier behinds to get attention is if anything a bit disgraceful. However, the blame cannot solely be placed on them. This is a direct product of what young SOCIETY does to people. Let me clarify before I say this that I am a male.

    That being said, men and women around the country have set up this mentality of beauty in the body and not in the soul. Most men would instantly jump towards a woman with a large butt that knows how to shake it but ar the same time completely ignore a young, educated, beautiful woman with a bright future and an ambitious mindset. But I am in no way putting the blame soley on the males. As opposed to working against the stereotype, a large group of women simply accept this generalization and work with it, flaunting their bodies and showing off thier assets, as you can see with the aforementioned Twerk Team.

    I’ll stop that conversation before I throw myself into the subject of women ignoring good men in favor of wannabe gangsters and uneducated fools. In any case, on another side of the argument you have to hand it to the young ladies on the Twerk Team. They know what sells and they use it. In this case, what sells is them shaking thier behinds on YouTube. I can freely admit that I have watched a few of thier videos and frankly, they are certainly attractive. As a young 16 year old, my teenage mindset can’t help but see what makes them alluring to the male mind. Alas, I’m not saying that what they are doing is proper or poised, but they chose to do this and as such I can’t bring myself to judge them. I would NEVER in my life allow my daughter to do such things, but frankly, a little show of the human attrative feature is commin in society, hence the existance and prominince of the pornographic industry. As such, though I personally am not a huge fan, I have no qualms against what the Twerk Team is doing and I encourage them to do whatever they feel is right. The true power in life is the power of choice.

    • Your comment pleases me. It is one of the first well-thought, balanced responses I’ve heard on the subject. You actually took the time to consider both sides of the argument. Sixteen you say? I guess there is hope for your generation after all. Kudos.

  12. I hate when ppl down anyone’s ambition to do anything with THEMSELVES….there are ppl who pick up trash and shit for a living and do u go to thier job and say “u look dumb,do something better with urself…hell no!!!…u simply reply..” well, someones gotta do it”…thier young and let me remind u thier makin money…. thier own MONEY…and thats really all that matters..its not like they got kids and baby daddys chasin em everytime u look around???? Its part of black ppl culture, you got ass…so shake it…im sure when they get older and find other ways of attaining loot,u wont have nothing to talk about…will ya???…and I bet whom ever left the other comments prolly lookin at em right now..wit cha lookin ass! I am educated, black and still shake ma ass from time to time..also, when its time to put in work..Betta believe, I get ma ass n….can u read this or is the ASS up thier gettin a fuckin headache???

  13. I believe that yes, these young woman can do something better with themselves. Still, i don’t think they should be judged. We live and we learn. Growing up we all did things that later on we were ashamed of and would never do again. I think that there is more to a female then what meets the eye and of course society does not emphasize that. Still, lets be real, ugly people tend to draw to that concept more when they say they would rather be smart than pretty. Of course they would say that they have no choice in the matter of their physical beauty. But what shocks me is that an adult would directly insult these young ladies publicly. I mean there is a such thing as constructive criticism but that was not. I believe that there are better ways to express your opinion. There is a right way to say everything we have to say. It’s not always what you say but how you say it. Attacking these females and bashing these adolescents will not promote change. Understanding promotes change. Compassion promotes change. Guidance promotes change. The method that we use to encourage change is so important. And i don’t believe your method is correct. We no longer live in the day and time you live in. There are more temptations and more pressures to do the wrong things. There are so many more ways to do the wrong things now. Its hard to not get caught up in the hype. But it is still possible not to. I just think a better approach needs to be used in dealing with these types of issues. When you say the things you say the way you say them; does not make it seem as if you are promoting change but that you are jealous. When there is nothing constructive about the criticism than jealousy exists.

    • What you seem to not understand is that when you place yourself in a public forum you leave yourself open to criticism. That is why they have “like” or “unlike” buttons on Youtube and places to leave your comments.

      I do think these ladies are attractive (on the outside) but that is all they have and life is worth more than fading beauty. I by no means am jealous of their looks because I love the way the creator made me. I am happy in my skin and I am elated that I have the ability to offer more than just that.

      What these young ladies are doing is pointless, degrading to women and only promoting the stereotypes that non blacks already have of us. They view us as unintelligent jezebels and when these ladies do something I can feel proud of then I will congratulate them but until then my stance remains the same. They wanna walk around with “big girl panties” then they need to be ready to hear how people view them. The only thing missing from their videos is a stripper pole.

      Remember that you are reading MY blog and therefore have the opportunity to hear MY opinion. I have a right to mine just like you have a right to yours and nothing I stated previously I am taking back or changing.

    • I understand where youre coming from, but at least someone is stepping up to the plate if their mother is obviously not going to do it. They were featured in a recent video by a popular rapper saying repeatly ‘ bounce that ass shake that ass like the twerk team’ what message is that sending and even though his music is trash he is more in the public eye then she is.

  14. I am also on the fence with this one as well. Im all for someone finding their hustle and making money its a cold world. My thing is has anyone heard these ladies(and I use the term loosely) speak ?? It was horrid. I know southerns tend to have that southern drawl myself included but this was horrid. Do whatever it is that you do just make sure your education is up to par. Whats the use of trying to franchise your business and conduct business meetings when you cant even speak a proper sentence. In closing I would like to add that I attend a very prestigious college, Duke University Medical School, and it amazes other races that this young black female is even there. Believe it or not but other races still think that we are all dumb and ignorant. Just remeber when you are in the public youre not only representin yourself, but you are representing an entire race and gender. We will continue to be left behind and looked upon in society as trash if we dont start somewhere.

    • Exactly sis. There is nothing wrong with people wanting them to be better and do better. Some people who have commented feel like I should have gone about my chastising a little better. I feel like I didn’t go hard enough because obviously nothing is fazing these young ladies. Hopefully, one day they will look back on what they are doing and feel ashamed.

      As for people stating that I’m in a different time in society and eluding to the fact that I am too old to understand, I am in my 30s and when I was growing up there was the same twerking phenomenon going on by a different name. Their mother should be ashamed of herself for promoting this garbage. These women definitely need some kind of education and speech therapy because after their popularity fades they won’t have any viable options. They are painting themselves in a corner.

      It is true what you say, people are amazed at my speech, use of the English language, my subject matter and knowledge of a variety of things. They wouldn’t be so surprised if they didn’t believe the stereotypes that a lot of us prove are right everyday. Keep doing what you are doing because as John Baines said in the book, Science of Love : “The opinion of the majority is mediocre because wisdom never belongs to the masses, but on the contrary, is the privilege of a few superior examples of the species.”

      • I really dont see a problem with how you went about this. Thats the problem with our race we remain tightlipped and draw our blinds on our youth by not saying anything and trying to redirect them. If these ladies were of a different race the media would have a field day but sense theyre not its ok because thats what America expects from us. Lastly, for the ones saying at least theyre not chasing their babaies fathers around. People its all about decisions. Chances are this man more than likely showed you he was immature before the baby even came and YOU chose to continue to lie with him. Yes were young and we make mistakes but like the great Maya Angelou says When someone shows you who they are the first time believe them. Ok im topic and im rabbling but I too want better for our race and youth.

  15. *Since .. Lol sorry for the errors but I was in a rush but hopefully you get my drift. Ohh and rambling lol wayy to early 🙂

  16. all yall motherfuckers is dumb let them do them and you do you it’s not your concern ps…….to all yall hating motherfuckers

  17. This is the epitome of rachetness and foolishness. Another example of parents prostituting their kids by any needs necessary

  18. Maybe because I look at everything for what it is but I find Twerking as an fun exercise (but I wouldn’t do it in public). I look at it as just another type of dance but not true “dance.” Twerking should not be glorified like that it should just be something you do for fun (because it is not as easy as it seems and really helps your leg and butt muscles). Twerking shouldn’t be something of a career.

  19. It is true that we all have the power to make our own choices, but I find that the real issue boils down to the values we hold as individuals as well as a community. Of course, noone is without fault and it is, to some extent, by making mistakes that we learn. However, whenever we see the opportunity, why would we not want to do better for ourselves and encourage others to do the same for themselves? Reading comments from both males and females, apparently the desire to see The Twerk Team present themselves in a more respectful way in their pursuit to make money is seen as being a hater. On the contrary, it’s not that we hate these ladies’ success, the bit they managed to achieved, but that we hold women in high esteem. I’m talking the value of respect and as a woman. Women have had long history of standing up to men for their due respect and equal rights, a battle that still remains to this day although significant improvements have been made. Developing further from the previous sentence, it is important to note that black women still had different experiences from white women. Today, we have a respectable, intelligent black woman and her two daughters sitting in the White House; see Michelle Obama. There are other women, especially black women, like Michelle Obama only with lesser publicity and under a variety of careers, making money. My mother is one of them, and contrary to another opinion expressed in this thread, the notion that one must be an ugly person if one emphasizes books rather than “twerking” in front of males for money is ludicrous. Beyond looks, it’s about the concepts of self worth, dignity and respect especially as a woman. My mother is a beautiful, light skin, black woman with curves and long hair and she blessed me with her genes; we are both often complimented on our looks. Aware of her physical attractiveness, my mother knew that she was worth more than simply her looks and that’s the way she carried herself. Her looks was not going to determine her success or define her worth. Instead, she used her brain to gain both success and respect of others. The cherry on the cake is that she has the looks to go along with it. She presented herself, a woman of high stature, intelligence, with class and she made money with the attained respect she acquired in doing so. No man looked down at her, but up. Her walk, her style demanded it. At first glance, her beauty would be noticed, but men and women would have more to talk about than her rear end. That’s the role model I had growing up, and that’s what has made me the woman I am today, the kind of high achieving woman who won’t stoop to performing booty shakes for males for money. True, we need money to survive, but money isn’t everything. To me, respect and dignity is, under any circumstances. Trust, I’d rather collect trash or work at a sewer plant and I’ll still have respect and dignity as a woman. The Twerk Team has been successful, to some extent, but much of their own fans, looking at the logs, merely “support” them but even they don’t really “respect” what The Twerk Team does. How ironic it is that many of The Twerk Team fans responding on this blog have stated that they wouldn’t let their own daughters do what The Twerk Team is doing for money, but yet they support The Twerk Team’s actions since they aren’t related to them. That’s inconsistent. Especially for the black responders. What does that say about the values we hold as a community? We don’t mind our black women booty shaking for money and on songs like “Stupid Ho*?” In my opinion, The Twerk Team is worth more than the way they present themselves in public, and I encourage them to join the true “girl power” movement with more respect and dignity.

  20. I’m going to have to say I respectfully disagree with your sentiments. Who are we to assume that these people, while not twerking, are not productive and positive members of society, in other capacities? Granted the way they dance could be considered degrading, but who are we to make that call? Should not all adults be entitled to their own opinions, standards, and thresholds of conduct with which they are comfortable. I feel that saying they will probably be impregnated by a loser is a bit harsh, merely based upon their lackluster attempt at rapping and their scandalous dance style. I mean, with all of the dire issues with which we as humans must deal on a daily basis, what’s wrong with listening to some bass and celebrating a nice round tush and how physics make it bounce? I’m a 28 year old female professional, and I LOVE shaking my ass because, well, it’s just fun!

  21. Success is never defined by how you shake your ‘booty’ to the world on youtube.why do you think some people have money and fame and yet do not fit it anuywhere?It is the attitude,character behind your succes that matters.The proverbs of Solomon says ‘as a man thinketh,so is he’ So if all u think about is shaking and bouncing that booty,then you obviously are a ‘hoe’.

    • You not a hoe for thinking about shaking an bouncing your booty or any of that. A lot of people think of that but are very classy beautiful people

  22. Anybody agreeing with this are either horny men, horny lesbians, ghetto hoodrats, or morally bankrupt people that condone this mess. Yes, these girls may be nice and productive but there are other ways for them to dance and show their talent. I am sorry but this is basically typical, hoodrat, behavior. I am sick of Black people condoning this garbage then turning around to complain about white people putting the greenlight on stereotypical images of our people. DJ Sakir, I wrote a blog entry about this as well:

  23. I think you’re being kinda narrowminded about it. Twerking is HARD to do. These chicks work out all the time and stick to a diet and to them, twerking is like a sport, and they’re good at it. Also, did you just say “they look like strippers” or something? Is that supposed to be bad?

    Why are you slut shaming? It’s their choice what they wanna do with their bodies. And personally I think their skill is really impressive.

    • I appreciate your point of view. I also thought you saying I was “slut shaming” was hilarious. I’ve never heard that term before. Thank you for the laugh. Also thank you for commenting.

  24. I think u who wrote this is a hating ass jealous man.y down wat they love to do foul.TEAM TWURK “WOMEN”getting it by there selves niggas hate independent women.grow up u waisted alota Time on these girls so u know they something.fuckn shame on u!!!

    • Please go back to school or pick up a book and read it on your own (not urban fiction) and if you never went to school please enroll because you need some kind of guidance and self motivation/preservation. Your comprehension skills are horrendous.

  25. I happened across this article as I was researching “Twerk Team” for my Child Psych class. As a semi-educated Black woman, I have to say I’m on the fence about my love-hate feelings towards this “Twerkin'” movement. On one hand, these two young ladies are indeed “makin’ it clap” for money, fame, exercise, etc., and that is sad in its own right. But would I rather them be twerkin’ or having multiple children that I have to support through taxes? I’ll take option one. The fact of the matter is, their mother is perfectly fine with what they’re doing and supports them. We are in no place to judge them for deciding to “twerk sum”. If they said they were twerkin’ to save money for college, would we still be so harsh on them? Or if they donated 50% of their proceeds to homeless shelters? I doubt it. Let those girls live their lives as they see fit.

  26. I am 18 years old, graduated with a 3.9 gpa at 17. I am the aspiering business woman of a rather large variety of franchizes. I am an emencley intelligent young lady of African desent.I could put anyone who has posted in this sorry ass blog to shame with my emaculate accomplishments before the tender age of 18 alone. Born and raised in Atlanta with one parent from Nigeria who’d come from nothing to living the 100%, absolute American dream. In addition to a wonderrful mother from Stamford,Connecticut I would like to say fuck what you all think about those women. It has nothing to do with you. How could you can easily assume that they have low self – esteem while in the same breath, can not even blog without making it sound like a bitter, envious temper rant. Pure comedy ^_^ …Oh and by the way, you didn’t indent your paragraph sweetheart…

    • Before you try and be petty and disrespect someone with your weak argument, enlist the help of spell check and give your diploma back. The correct spellings are immensely, aspiring and descent. You also have jumbled words in the seventh sentence. This reply of yours is tired and disrespectful and the fact that you took time to read and respond poorly to my “sorry ass blog” post shows that I am wasting entirely too much time on simple minds. Go back to school, pick up a book and make sure to enroll in Freshman English because you still have work to do.

  27. I’m 14 years old and the twerk team is cool to me. If my mom didn’t like it she wouldn’t let me watch it but anyways back to the subject. The twerk team is pretty big. Some of ya’ll say they not getting anywhere far but they are already farther than u aspect. The reason I like them and my mom do is it’s because their different. Their moves are different. To twerk you have to learn to work you lower muceles (However u spell it -_-). I learned how to twerk and my mom is learning. The thing is God gave them a blessing. Sometimes you have to do certain things to get successful. ( Not like having sexy and being a stripper ) This is an art of dancing. Dancing is pretty much moving any part of your body and doing different things with it. Even moving your legs back and forth is called dancing. This a sexy kind of dancing. It’s not really promoting sex, and of course boys going to think about sex they are dogs even the way girls walk and talk they think about sex so stop saying its sex because of boys think that way. My mom meet their mom before and the thing is they love dancing and anything deals with sexy. Her mom has no problem with it. They not going to let any boy use them because they already know whats up if they tried. I’m going to be completely honest since everybody is. If you don’t like what u see then don’t watch it. In other peoples opinion and not just mines your wasting your time posting a blog on the twerk team. I understand you trying to give a message and all but they going to keep doing it. Just teach your child to never do it or some little kid you love dearly. You see they not going to stop until they want to. I understand the blog and everything and I know u just getting your opinion out ( Free country right? ) but it’s pretty much wasting some parts of your time. Not a lot but most of. I’m just saying getting my opinion out too.

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