Eddie Murphy come out of the closet already…

After speaking with some girlfriends  about gay entertainers that are in the closet but everybody in the community knows they are gay, Eddie Murphy’s name came up.  Remember the scandal surrounding Murphy and the tranny he was caught with during a traffic stop? Well it seems that people let the incident slide even though his movie career has been down the tubes since then. It was also rumored that Murphy was having an affair with Johnny Gill while he was staying in Murphy’s guest house.

What’s even more interesting is that Murphy made a video with Michael Jackson, which seemed very gay to say the least.  Not to mention he’s singing a song called “Whatzupwitu” with another man. Approriate? Well not for someone that claims to be straight. I’m surprised that I didn’t see this wack video before. What’s really sick about the whole ordeal is that the Harlem Boys Choir was also featured in the video. Judge for yourself if Murphy is subtlety telling everyone that he’s “family”. Let me know what you think.


15 thoughts on “Eddie Murphy come out of the closet already…

  1. I think he’s just very talented and often man like that are always decribed as gay he has 9 children he is not gay by far you just want company because your gay. And for the record Johnny Gill isnt gay at all he also has children just because a man is sexy and can dress and can sing doesnt make him gay you [ASSHOLE] yeah he picked up a tranny he just wanted a little head for the night that doesnt make him gay it really doesnt that makes him horny and a little freaky but it doesnt make him gay [ GAY MEN DONT HAVE 9 KIDS] and im [Chandler Martin Beverly Hills] born Baltimore Maryland.

    • Have you ever thought that maybe they are bi-sexual or maybe they are gay but wanted to have children? Or maybe they love their spouse as the mother of their kids but still love men? Reggae artist, Diana King just came out of the closet last week at age 41 and built her career singing about men. Have you ever thought that maybe because these men are entertainers and have a huge following of loyal fans, they aren’t ready to come out because it might affect their careers? Look at how long it took George Michael to admit he was gay.

      Furthermore, I don’t know why your comment is so angry and why you felt the need to call me an asshole. I have an opinion and I voiced it. From the sound of your opinion I must have sparked something in you as well and the only asshole here is the one that you may be familiar with yourself. A straight man doesn’t like getting head from another man or tranny, fyi. You called Johnny Gill “sexy”, so who’s really in the closet here? Take your deprecating ass the hell off my blog. You obviously have some personal issues that you need to work out with yourself.

      • Roosevelt Long Island N.Y 1973 I met Eddie Murphy in the 6th grade. We have the same close friends growing up in The Velt. Mark C,Clint S, Danny T , Andre M,Mitch K , Allen M, Pookie, Mike M ,Woody M, Raymond P ( Peanut), all of PE, Chuck D, Griff , Flav ,Arron A, Keith B ,Hank B, John B,and many more .Eddie and all of the above has chased the some of the same girls growing up. Went to the same parties,concerts, pool, the same movie’s. No Ed does not have a gay bone in his body(No pun intended) Here’s some research for you. Go to
        Roosevelt Long Island Alumni and ask some of his friends whom he grew up with( Class of 79). Many of us have had experience in show business and have also been hit with wild rumors. There are gays everywhere and everyone interacts with them.As for the video with Mike I would that too and probably tone down my thugness a little too. Many of us can assure you Ed has never shown to have had an interest in gay sexual activity. Check his friends list, true friends he hung out with knows this rumor is false. I’m Dennis H and I also have had a bad experience with a TRANS in 1980. You have to understand we sometimes get fooled by these guys. I actually was dancing with one until a girl at the bar told me. In the middle of me dancing with him she tapped me on the shoulder and said ” That’s not a girl you’re dancing with, That;s Ricky” This was not a gay bar. I was very lucky I was out of town or maybe rumors could have gotten started about me. And yes I have gay friends females and males and I’m sure Eddie Murphy is not Bi.

    • Just because you have a child doesn’t mean that your not gay are u people stupid or something I’m a gay female and I see many guys on the down low who have kids a wife and a whole family really being gay is a whole other world that str8 people will never understand …just watch the movie cover! And for the record I think eddie is a fag great comedy but still gay I say!!! Yep all day…….

      • to Brittney: I think Eddy is gay but I personally don’t care. he is. a great actor. its plenty of gay people that have kids and be happy. I was good friends with a lesbian that had a girlfriend now, but had her own 2 children, 4 years ago. Look at the movie Cover. its another guy I’m friends with that has 3 teenagers living with their mother, and he lives a bisexual life. a man can have 8 kids with their current wife now, but have a boyfriend on the side, and the wife wouldn’t know a thing. they call it on trans DL, not gay. its gay all day, lol

  2. Have you ever thought that if he’s gay , so-the-fuck-what — what is wrong with that?!? Damn, everyone is so judgemental, let the man alone, work on your own lives, damn! We DO love to criticize, it’s so easy to put another down. We are ALL God’s children, and it is up to HIM, not us, to decide. Nuff said.

    • If you read what I wrote, I never said anything was wrong with being gay, I just would appreciate it if he would stop fronting. No one is judging.

  3. The probelm with Eddie Murphy maybe being gay or not, is this…..He makes fun of gay men in the film Raw, then years later he is found by police with a transvestite hooker. Karma is a bitch.

  4. Guess I assumed he was gay for a long time, but didn’t think much of it. Just thought he was out already and no big deal. I was just watching Tower Heist and did a search on him to see what he’s doing. I think he’s underrated as a serious actor, everyone knows he’s funny.

    • Yes, he is very talented. I was watching Tower Heist the other night too and Vampire in Brooklyn. I guess all the “drama” comes along with the territory of being an black actor in Hollywood. LOL!

  5. have you ever heard of the illuminati..these people control hollywood. when an actor doesnt want to do what these people say, the illuminati destorys their reputation. they bash them all over hollywood, as a warning. if they still say no,these people will continue to bash them..giving the people more lies about the actor or singer as a second warning..if the actor or singer still says no, they have two choices, one move away, or do what they say. dont believe everything you hear and see online or the news..ninty percent of the time its all lies..there is only a five percent chance that its true. unless it comes for the horses mouth, dont believe everything you see and hear. plus hes famous, people will take pics of him, or someone else and lie about it just to make money..like i said dont believe everything you hear and see..

    • right, because every celeb rumor is started by a wealthy secret community.
      so wealthy, so secret.
      (tip: stop being a pretentious internet user)

      on a related note to above article;
      I think hes probably gay. simple psychological indications I.E. extreme public disdain for homosexuals.
      my cousin was the exact same way for quite some years. then he came out.

  6. you’re all a bunch of retards. if he’s gay then he is but either way he makes more money than you, has kids that will be supported forever and a nice life without any of your input. But, go ahead. Waste your breath because you wish you were someone else or better than you are in this world. Either way, you will never be Eddie fuckin Murphy!!!

  7. Why does it matter if he’s gay or not? I don’t think any of you guys are going to marry/date him. It’s HIS choice to be gay. And there’s nothing wrong with that. Why do you even need to meddle in his love life? It’s not yours >.>

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