VIDEO: “Love This Way” by Par-City

Fresh new video from Par-City touching the nostalgic side of all us hip-hop purists.  Gotta love a video that features kids having fun and carrying around boom boxes.  Keep doing your thing guys…..


VIDEO: “Bounce” by Calvin Harris ft. Kelis

Here’s a new vid from Calvin Harris featuring Kelis.  The tune is lighthearted and catchy especially if you are having one of those days when you just want to rock out with your headphones on, eyes closed and not caring about the world around you.  I was surprised to see Kelis on here but I really think dance music is her element.  I don’t find her to be a strong songstress so I really feel she should stay out of the r&b realm and continue doing experimental.  I applaud her efforts and wide visual scope on music.

HEADPHONES: Fresh Daily “The Quiet Life”

From one of my favorite rappers, is another masterpiece, The Quiet Life.  One of the amazing things about Fresh Daily is how well he puts together the total package. Clean and eloquently stated, Fresh Daily explains the idea behind The Quiet Life.  “This year, as time went by, I realized I do a lot of things differently,” stated FD. “From my clothes to even the products I use on a daily basis.  I also found myself reading more & watching less television.”

To read more of his personal thoughts regarding this project, saunter on over to Fresh Daily’s website; a tasty treat, neatly packaged in cellophane and when unwrapped your senses thank you.