Buju Banton found guilty in cocaine case and may receive 15 yrs to life

Honestly, the Buju Banton situation is unfortunate but when are these artists gonna learn to stay clear of illegal activity? If you’re  an artist, especially rap or reggae, best believe eyes are on you so why not just stay clean? I’m tired of hearing rappers getting time for firearms, possession and other illegal activity especially since they mention it in their music. It’s just plain stupid.  Although Buju’s lyrics have matured and taken a different direction over the years, he still was responsible for justifying the burning and stoning of gay people okay.  Because reggae music, specifically dancehall,  is so violent, sexist and just plain destructive, me a Jamaican, have stopped listening. It has become a genre of destruction So even though the sentence is highly excessive, he can still make an impact while locked up. Maybe he should write a book. The lesson we can all learn from this is that karma has no expiration date.


Kool Herc the Father of Hip Hop needs our help

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Posted January 31st 2011 at 7:47 AM by gimantalon

Donation addresses are up, all donations can be send to:

P.O. BOX 20472

or you can wire you donation internationally via paypal to this address:

cindycampbell1@aol.com (his sister)

His sister is taking care of everything. Press release is coming later today. He’s now home ok, but he’s in need of surgery which you can help him pay it. I’ll post if there are any more updates. Hip Hop is so beautiful… Thanks to everyone for the love… Kool Herc is a trending topic!


Fat Beats, We ♥ U and We’ll Miss U!

It was all a buzz on Twitter two days ago that Fat Beats is closing both their NY and LA locations.  Hip Hop purists worldwide were sad to hear this news, but it is yet inevitable.  We are present in a time where things are changing.  We can’t stop the tick of the clock but we can adapt, as Fat Beats has.  They are expanding their online distribution and thinking of new ways to fully take advantage of the changing market.  Just like with Beat Street, Tower Records and Virgin Mega Store closings, Fat Beats in the physical will be missed.  Here is a video in remembrance of their impact on our lives.

Happy Jamaica Independence Day!

God bless the country that birthed such great people amidst hard times and struggle. When the going gets tough, we get tougher. Today I salute you! Jamaica, my beloved home country gained full independence on August 6th, 1962. Thank you for birthing the soundtrack to my life. Salutations to greats: Bob Marley, Dennis Brown, Freddie McGregor, Steele Pulse, Third World, Garnet Silk, Tenor Saw, Bushman, Barrington Levy, Beres Hammond and so many more.