HEADPHONES: “CopyCat (A Dilla Tribute) by VLooper

There’s so many ways to describe J Dilla and still none in the dictionary would give him justice.  VLooper decided to describe the genius in his own way by creating his own Dilla tribute and thus continuing to blossom what Dilla birthed.  Enjoy … and let it marinate…

HEADPHONES: “I’m From PG” by Oddisee

Always showing love to one of my favorite producers who remains understated and under appreciated by the masses (maybe that’s why he stays fresh) I decided to post this track so you all can get your grubby hands on it.  Enjoy!

Album In-Stores Now!!!
Oddisee “Odd Seasons”itunes:

HEADPHONES: Fresh Daily “The Quiet Life”

From one of my favorite rappers, is another masterpiece, The Quiet Life.  One of the amazing things about Fresh Daily is how well he puts together the total package. Clean and eloquently stated, Fresh Daily explains the idea behind The Quiet Life.  “This year, as time went by, I realized I do a lot of things differently,” stated FD. “From my clothes to even the products I use on a daily basis.  I also found myself reading more & watching less television.”

To read more of his personal thoughts regarding this project, saunter on over to Fresh Daily’s website; a tasty treat, neatly packaged in cellophane and when unwrapped your senses thank you.

HEADPHONES: Diamond District “In the Ruff Instrumentals”

From one of the dopest groups still under many peoples radar, Diamond District has blessed listeners with the instrumentals of their 2009 album, “In the Ruff”. In the spirit of Mad Notes I felt it only right to pass this on to you guys. Don’t be surprised if a few of these tracks end up on Mad Notes in the future.  Hurry up and download while it’s still free. Enjoy!

The full length album from Diamond District “In the Ruff” is available on Itunes and can be copped right HERE.