Graffiti haven, 5Pointz, might become another victim of new NY

Sunday, NY Daily News, featured an article about Long Island City’s legendary graffiti realm, 5Pointz.  Developers plan on building high rise apartments and restaurants in place of this landmark location in the hopes of revitalizing the neighborhood.  For so long this area was abandoned and the ingenuity of hip hop came along and beautified the eye soar.  Now developers want to build housing that will most likely not be affordable. The owner of the site also plans on having studio spaces for artists but that in no way compares to the masterpiece that exists right now.

I was having a conversation with a friend about gentrification.  The problem with gentrification is that Caucasians are taking over neighborhoods occupied by Black and Brown people because the recession has made it virtually impossible for them to afford living in more affluent areas.  However, the major problem is that when the Caucasians move into a neighborhood, they aren’t leaving the old neighborhoods either and they don’t rent to Black and Brown people either.  Where are we to go?  The master plan is to eliminate the Black and Brown lower and middle class and move us out of NYC.

Okay, okay… I know I ran on a tangent, but shit is real in this battlefield.


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