The Lotus Lab Show 74 – Mad Notes II (Bonus Episode)



In celebration of the producer who is partly responsible for making memorable music and the lives and contributions of Jay Dee aka J Dilla and Nujabes, I present to you the second installment of Mad Notes.  This series is to highlight the importance of the producer and featured on this episode are personal friends of mine: The Aubrey Modium and P.U.D.G.E.

Enjoy the smooth sounds and if you really like what you hear, spread the love and pass this podcast on to a friend.



  1. Cream of the Planet – Ski Beatz
  2. Last Needle – Know:Juander
  3. Benzoin Gum – MF Doom
  4. Panty Dropper – The Stuyvesants
  5. Trying to Convnice Myself – P.U.D.G.E.
  6. Come Clean – DJ Premier
  7. Between Man and Woman – Prefuse 73
  8. Caves – Nosaj Thing
  9. Aurora Jolie – Dert
  10. Star Trekking – Eric Lau
  11. Rainy Dayz – Dalvin
  12. Dear God – Madlib
  13. El Presidente – DJ Honda
  14. Fall In Love  – Jay Dee
  15. Turn It Down – Jake One
  16. Justabove My Head – The Aubrey Modium
  17. She Said… Goodbye – P.U.D.G.E.
  18. P Is for Power – Elecktrik Red

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