Buju Banton found guilty in cocaine case and may receive 15 yrs to life

Honestly, the Buju Banton situation is unfortunate but when are these artists gonna learn to stay clear of illegal activity? If you’re  an artist, especially rap or reggae, best believe eyes are on you so why not just stay clean? I’m tired of hearing rappers getting time for firearms, possession and other illegal activity especially since they mention it in their music. It’s just plain stupid.  Although Buju’s lyrics have matured and taken a different direction over the years, he still was responsible for justifying the burning and stoning of gay people okay.  Because reggae music, specifically dancehall,  is so violent, sexist and just plain destructive, me a Jamaican, have stopped listening. It has become a genre of destruction So even though the sentence is highly excessive, he can still make an impact while locked up. Maybe he should write a book. The lesson we can all learn from this is that karma has no expiration date.


2 thoughts on “Buju Banton found guilty in cocaine case and may receive 15 yrs to life

  1. You are sooo right, I agree 1000%. I stopped listening to dancehall/bashment and a lot of rap (and rnb) years ago too for the same reason.

    Been so backed-up I haven’t had a chance to keep up with your posts and didn’t even realise you beat me to writing the same post. 🙂

    • I’m glad my point was fully understood because I’m waiting for the die hard Buju supporters to come after me! LOL!

      As a dj, I get asked to play reggae all the time and it’s hard because I no longer support the music. I wish it would go back to being about niceness…you know getting a dub in the dark with a Red Stripe instead of waiting to be “Supermanned” by some crazy jumping off of a 10 foot ladder into my pelvis.’

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