VIDEO: Odd Future on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

So this is the group that all the young folks are talking about and it proves that I’m so not a kid anymore. Odd Future, who performed last night on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, made their debut performance with the legendary Roots crew backing them on sound. That must prove that Odd Future has one that is bright and full of cool moments. Shouts out to groups like Gravediggaz who paved the way for necromancer themed rhymes.

These kids are intense.  In less than 10 days their latest video, also posted on their web site has 600,000 views and every hour the numbers go up exponentially. Their images and lyrics are a bit intense but I see them fitting perfectly into the soundtrack of any horror movie.  So that leads me to ask…could Odd Future have been the influence for Kanye’s “Monster” video? Just a thought…

Hours later…. after showing this post to a friend and discussing the impact of them and especially the second video below, I came to the conclusion that Odd Future could be this generation’s Nirvana.  They are the grunge of hip hop but 2011 version.  What’s your take?


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