J-Live, Kweli, Grae and friends at Brooklyn Bowl 2/1/11

I was blessed with the opportunity to see an awesome show @ Williamsburg’s Brooklyn Bowl, a space that houses a restaurant, performance area and bowling alley.  It seems to be a weird combination but they all merge together flawlessly.  On February 1st, Brooklyn Bowl showcased the talents of J-Live, K-Salaam, Mad Soul, Talib Kweli, Jean Grae and other friends.  This was Kweli’s opportunity to perform new material off of his recently released, Gutter Rainbows and J-Live performed tracks from his latest release, Undivided Attention.

Spotted also at the venue were Pharoahe Monch, Evil Dee, Dru Ha, Hakim of Channel Live and many other lovers of real hip hop music. Below is a glimpse at some of the performances that night. I was extremly impressed with J-Live’s performance of “Bragging Writes Revisted” where he rhymed, mixed and scratched simultaneously.  What a show!

Pardon the shakiness of the last video as some prick standing next to me insisted on “bunny ears” in my viewfinder as I resisted the temptation of clocking him in his Adam’s apple.


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