Kanye West “Monster”

On first sight I’m thinking, “wtf is with all this dark shit?”  Afer Jay-Z’s “Onto The Next One” video, which had some dark content, it seems to be the theme that some of these rappers have been running with lately.  Then I think back to Ghetto Boyz, “Mindz Playing Tricks On Me” and a few Gravediggaz videos or most notably, Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” and I realize that this is just a horror genre piece. I mean it’s really no different than a Saw movie  and there are 6 chapters of that franchise. The video opens with a few girls hanging from their neck surrounding Rick Ross (dinner for later?), which is a little disturbing for three reasons.  The noose and black people don’t mix like milk and mustard, then it’s a rap video that opens up with death in your face but glamorized.  The model-like women are wearing designer clothes to soften the blow I assume. Lastly, black people aren’t really included in horror.  If we are not killed off by the first scene we are usually stereotyped greatly and then killed off in the second scene.

One other opinion that I must point out is even though Nicki has the best verse on this song, her portion of the video was the most boring. If you’re gonna flash shots of your ass that you paid so much for I would at least like to get a good look at the investment.  Nicki seems to come off as a tease, I mean really, ass shots you can’t even focus on! Also the video further proves how much Kanye is in love with himeself.  During Yeezy’s verse he’s laying on a grate that has hands coming through to grope all over his body.  At one point it looked as if he were nutting off camera.

Overall this video was very creative from the man who keeps raising the bar.  I’m interested to find out how people will respond to these images of cannibalism, menage trois and all the other twisted messages delivered in “Monster”.


3 thoughts on “Kanye West “Monster”

  1. angels & demons © dan brown

    looks like everyone in the western world is enamored with the mystery surrounding the supernatural. from the “twilight” movie franchise to hbo’s “true blood” people flock in droves to watch cannibalistic destruction. kanye’s latest vision feeds into this frenzy, while still retaining his usual sense of style and narcissism. a throwback, if you will.

    the video is cool, but i’m more intrigued by the manner in which is was exposed to the public (and the ensuing reaction). an unfinished version of the video was posted and almost immediately people began to criticize it (mostly the fact that the audio & video weren’t in synch). it would appear that most people weren’t feelin’ yeezy’s nod to cinematic history. either that, or they’re just not informed.

    • @CyrenYoung I think it’s more of the latter (them being uninformed). Also it may be a case of “lemme see if I can respond before everyone else”, without them having given the video much critical thought besides stating the obvious (the synchronicity issue). Excellent critique Mr. Young!

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