Kanye West – “Runaway” Full Length Movie

Watching this mini movie makes me wonder, which came first… the chicken or the egg?  Did Kanye conceptualize this movie prior to making the songs that he has been releasing on Good Friday these past few weeks?  Or did he write the songs first and he and Hype Williams shaped the movie around the lyrics.  As seamless as songs chosen for Entourage, this movie’s soundtrack matches appropriately even during the times when I don’t  understand the message being conveyed.  The inception of ballerinas with the Runaway song, still hasn’t clicked with me unless he’s comparing the fluttery movement of the ballerinas with the free feeling you get when running away from something.

This video does show the range of rap music and that it can easily be shaped and molded to fit any scenario and “Runaway” is quite beautifully done but I do think at times I was more concerned with how far along the movie was in time versus watching the actual story.  Maybe if he shaved off 10 minutes out of the movie with less pyrotechnics then I could give it 5 stars.  But as stated before this was a noteworthy effort from Mr. West.

What are your thoughts?


2 thoughts on “Kanye West – “Runaway” Full Length Movie

  1. I agrre with you I dont get the Ballerinas but do elate to the song. and see sorta see where he is getting at with his story line. Is he the Phoenix? or is his Music the Firery bird dearing to be different?

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