Tweetville #2 : @blackmagicbelle

She’s crazy smart and crazy beautiful. She’s the belle, one half of the legendary duo, The Belle Jenkins Show (can we get new episodes please?).  She is well travelled, well-read, snarky and not to mention my lil’ sis.  World, I welcome you to a woman like no other.

  • i just heard that tribadism is out of style. i’m perplexed.

  • i need a charming young boy with lots of stamina & discretion that can be taught some things cause frankly i’m kind of over being celibate.
  • i want to talk more about oral sex & how i miss it sometimes but i’ll just shut up & day dream. i’m sorry.
  • i’m just hypothesizing. i’m not sucking anyones dick. RT @LuckyRivera get your suckee on a diet that’ll make cum an acquired taste.
  • i’m just saying. i didn’t particularly like the taste of beer the first time i had it.
  • i wonder if cum can become an acquired taste like beer.
  • excited by the prospect of hanging with my gay homeboy in atlanta cause he club hard…but how imma find a baller? my priorities are fucked.
  • Know what I learned tonight? I’m too old for the club.#hoesitdown
  • and while im out chere making outrageous musical statements, “da art of story tellin” is the best hip hop song ever.
  • i was raised in a stevie, prince, james brown & chaka khan house hold. it’s why i’m a fucking militant smarty pants freak now.
  • i don’t debate about music. it’s pointless. some shit moves me. some shit makes me wanna booty shake. some shit is just shit. who cares.
  • @firefire100 marvin is my noah. he brought all the lil babies to safety and shit.


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