The Lotus Lab Show 65- The Breakfast Club Redux

The Breakfast Club, a John Hughes’ cult classic (1985) is one of my favorite 80s movies. It defines the high school experience where a jock, recluse, nerd, sweetheart and rebel are thrown into detention together one Saturday morning and come out as friends.  I’ll give John Hughes’ a pass for not including any ethnically diverse cast members in this film or most of his films for that matter.  All in all, it’s still a good flick.
So what if that movie was made today? What would be the soundtrack?  This podcast is dedicated to that film and the songs I would have put on the soundtrack.  Hopefully you enjoy listening as much as I did making it and this encourages you to see the movie again if not the first time.
  1. Paths – Wamdue Project
  2. I Agree – Red Wire Black Wire
  3. Remember Me – Tame Impala
  4. People Can Do the Most Amazing Things –Kisses
  5. Mongrel Heart – Broken Bells
  6. Dead End – The Whitest Boy Alive
  7. Never Forget You – Noisettes
  8. Pumped Up Kicks – Foster the People
  9. Standing on the Shore – Empire of the Sun
  10. Groove Me ft. Theophilus London – Maximum Balloon
  11. Tamalak – Toro Y Moi
  12. Hold Out – Wished Out
  13. Just A Thought – Gnarls Barkley
  14. Death of a Dream Machine – The Kickdrums
  15. Beauty Is a Loaded Gun – K-os
  16. Rebel Yell – Billy Idol
  17. Violet Stars Happy Hunting – Janelle Monae
  18. Crowd Participation ft. Lupe Fiasco – Japanese Cartoon

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