The Lotus Lab Show 60 – Dame Digital Vol. II



This is the second edition of your now favorite series, Dame Digital.  I’ve always had intergalactic thoughts, understanding that we are not the only form of life in this universe.  I mean if you believe in God, why not believe in aliens, spirits and the unseen?  Anywho, many artists on the underground scene (and some in the mainstream) have expressed fondness of intergalactic  movements hence spacy production and lyrics.  This episode is to highlight the astronaut in many of us and give us the ability to rock out on the moon.  No, I haven’t drunk the kool aid, I just dream in color. Enjoy this trip with me.

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  1. Still Love (Sid Roams rmx) – Pollyn
  2. Rosebuds – Sa-Ra
  3. Lights Out – Vic Mensa
  4. D-Boyz ft. T-3 – Danny Brown
  5. Yah-Yah – Hollyweerd
  6. Satellite – B.O.B.
  7. Starstruck – Santigold
  8. Air (Astronote rmx) – MF Doom
  9. Swimming – Mike Bigga
  10. Spaceships (P rmx) – Rey Resurrection
  11. Memories – Nemo
  12. Possibilities rmx ft. Eliot Lipp & Leo 123 – Sound Tribe Sector 9
  13. Harrison Ford – Nosaj Thing
  14. Gravity ft. Fresh DailyBenamin
  15. Welcolme (Gotta Go) – Black Milk
  16. Empire Ants (ft. Little Dragon) – Gorillaz
  17. The First Move – Stanza
  18. Stylo (Chiddy Bang rmx) – Chiddy Bang
  19. Again – Electric Wire Hustle
  20. Cards To Your Heart – Groove Armada
  21. Wondaland – Janelle Monae
  22. Super Hyphy (Me Gusta vs. Kneak Da Geak) – Me Gusta
  23. A Lung – The Knife
  24. Insane – Tamara Wellons
  25. Deep Inside ft. Sa-Ra Creative Partners – Platinum Pied Pipers

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