David Banner and 9th Wonder project is going to be sick!!!!!

I must say that 9th Wonder is officially added to my roster of dope producers because you can feel the soul in his beats. I guess that’s why I fell in love with J Dilla back in 1999 because it was a mix between hip hop and my love for old school soulful classics. I respect 9th so much especially after watching this clip from OkayPlayerTV because he stated that he works with people who’s artistry he respects and not because they are the “it” factor for the moment. That is exactly how I feel about DJing. I play music that is good and that should be heard, not because you are making noise for the moment. I was never the one to be in the mix of everyone, despite the fact of how well-known I was/am. I would rather be respected for my taste level versus my popularity status.

As with David Banner, I really have been sleeping on him. I haven’t checked for him since, “Play” and that was just because he was tapping into my 2 Live Crew nostalgic side. Now that he’s teaming up with 9th Wonder for this upcoming project, I’m overwhelmed with anticipation for this album to drop.

I featured the first single, Slow Down last month and the track was straight fiyah. Here’s an interview with the duo about their blossoming work relationship and upcoming project.


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