The Future of the DJ

The advancement of technology is moving at lightning speed.  It is true that when you buy an electronical device, it may very well be obsolete by the time you swipe your credit card.  

When the Ipad was released to the world, tech junkies’ hearts began to palpitate ferociously with the idea of owning this new candy.  As a DJ, I’m in the market for new turntables and CDJs.  As a woman however, I’m also in the market for something less bulky and requiring less muscle.  Enter the Ipad.  With Tonetable software and Serato, I am able to forego the bulky tables and cdjs and simplify my travels to gigs that require me to use my own equipment. I haven’t tried out this new method but my heart is still attached to the feel of vinyl.  Maybe I can save the tables for backyard barbecues.


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