Necro – a menace to society or unconventional artist?

Brooklyn rapper, Necro is in the midst of controversy regarding his video and single, “The Human Traffic King (White Slavery Pt. 2)”. This video displays the harsh realities of human trafficking but sometimes it’s hard to differentiate between whether he agrees with it or is appalled by it. Personally I feel that this isn’t necessary in hip hop culture because we are already bombarded with images of women being disrespected and used as props.

An educational institution was also appalled by his video and has initiated a protest attempting to stop Necro from performing at The Palladium. Here is the petition letter on behalf of Barnaba Institute:

Please prohibit Necro from playing “Human Trafficking King is White Slavery II” May 21-22

Dear Ms. Migliozzi

It has been brought to our attention that Rapper Necro will be performing at The Palladium on May 21-22. We ask that you prohibit Necro from performing his song titled “Human Trafficking King is White Slavery II.”

On Wikipedia, Necro is quoted saying: “‘White Slavery’ was about the white slave trade. I was telling a true story.” However, we strongly feel that the story Necro is telling does nothing to raise awareness about sex trafficking and its horrors, but rather glorifies and promotes it.

‘White Slavery’ includes disturbing lyrics such as:

“Woman need to be loved, injected with needles and drugs subjected to torture and kidnapped they need to succumb, it’s proven, I feed em dog food, they prefer human, make ’em savagely beat each other bloody for my amusement”

There is an estimated 200,000 American girls at risk of sex trafficking in the United States every year. The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children estimates that the average age of entry into prostitution in the US is ages 11-14. The trafficking of youth and young women in our country is a brutal reality that should not be glorified or made light of. The recent trafficking charge against the pimp who sold a 16 year-old to Lawrence Taylor is a prime example of this.

While Necro is protected under Free Speech for writing this song, we ask that you prohibit Necro from performing “White Slavery” or any other song that glorifies violence against women, in their performance this May. We also urge you to become a corporate leader by prohibiting glorification of violence against women in all performances at your venue.

Thank you for your time and consideration into this matter.

Necro, who not only grew up listening to hip-hop legends such as Rakim and Kool G Rap but also had bands like Slayer and Megadeth as the soundtrack of his childhood.  Honestly, this video and style of rap is not something that I support. We don’t need anymore negative images being fed to the kids. Morality amongst the youth is nil where too many children are desensitized to violent images and nothing affects them nor emotes emotion.

Necro issued a statement defending himself:

“Okay, for the record, I will officially say, I DO NOT SUPPORT HUMAN TRAFFICKING!

I am not making this statement to censor myself, or to try to make anyone happy. I am doing this to set the record straight, and to address the organization petitioning me, The Barnaba Institute: /
(Who by the way didn’t even quote the correct lyrics in their petition- get ya facts straight!)

I am a rap artist from the streets and I always speak the truth as I see it. I do not support women being kidnapped and used for prostitution by organized crime. I run a record company and release brutally explicit hip-hop albums for a living. I have a mother and niece I love, as well as female fans all over the world that I love and I would never want to see them in a position where they were victims of human trafficking.

My female fans support me 100%. They understand my sick insane art, and they know it’s just that: art. They are intelligent enough to recognize the difference.

Let me make something else clear: I DO SUPPORT insane explicit brutal art, and everything I record and release is based on reality. Human trafficking is a very real and serious subject that has never been touched on by any hip-hop artist. I am the first, but you shouldn’t crucify me for showing you the brutal truth.

My “Human Traffic King” video is not anti or pro, it’s just art, it just is. It’s viewing reality and brutal like a horror movie. Do we persecute movie directors for making brutal gore films with people being viciously killed? NO, these movies are in movie theatres and retail stores all over the world raking in millions, so why when a musical artist does that same form of art through music should it be judged differently?

I was raised on gore flicks and low budget horror movies, so when I make art it has that exploitational feel to it because that’s how I like to paint pictures. The thing that always made exploitational films so good is that they were more true to life than blockbuster movies; more dark, gritty, and realistic. So yes, my video is fucked up. Why? Because human trafficking is fucked up, plain and simple. Any female watching the video can see what could happen if she isn’t careful in this world.

I DO NOT SUPPORT HUMAN TRAFFICKING, but I DO SUPPORT FREEDOM OF SPEECH AND THE RIGHT TO CREATE ART THAT IS TRUE TO LIFE. You have the right not to watch it, or to watch it and learn from it, you can even hate me, but don’t misunderstand the director or writer for his creation or depiction of reality

You heard it from me personally, if you wanna debate my views, fine, but don’t twist my words into what you want them to be.

Ron Braunstein aka Necro

Projects released from Necro:

Die (released May 18th)

I Need Drugs

Gory Days

The Pre-Fix For Death

The Sexorcist

Death Rap


7 thoughts on “Necro – a menace to society or unconventional artist?

  1. The trafficking of youth and young women in our country is a brutal reality that should not be glorified or made light of.

    Wait, you do not want a serious and horrific matter to have light shone on it, so the public at large doesn’t realize this is going on? I didn’t even realize this was happening in the U.S. until about 6 months ago when I saw something on T.V. Now that I and millions of others know this is happening, we can try and put a damper on it. And I do agree it doesn’t need to be glorified, but I’m a fan of Necro and Violent Lyrics in General. And like he said he was not glorifying it! Also I’m a good student that just finished his first year of College.

    So this whole children being exposed to Violence is making them numb to emotional feeling for victims such as these and making them more prone to violence? I call shenanigans on that. Since I’m a very emotional person myself and would gladly put myself in harms way if it gave a chance to make sure EVEN ONE of these girls could be set free. Of course I am just ONE person.

  2. Dear Old Hens :

    I’m sure you’re being thanked for the exposure. However, since it’s moreso on Necro and not your ‘crusade’ on white slavery, it’s not coming from the human rights organizations you’d love it to come from.

    cop “DIE!”

    In Stores Now!

  3. This is ridiculous! Really? Why are the idiots on the petition stressin on a necro video? There’s porno companies that do nothing BUT depict this slavery/torture/rape and definitely do more “glorifying” about it! Ladies (even if there r men who signed this bs petition they’re included) do something valuable with your time and newfound publicity. If you’re really that upset…don’t go to the damn show! Plain and simple! Well obviously not for you inferior beings. Good day

  4. Necro, Hentai anime, and other gruesome art forms are still art. I don’t usually listen to Necro because I like my Hip-Hop to lift my spirits and “rock the boat of thought”, but there’s a time and a place for all art forms, and Ron Braunstein is well within his rights, so if you don’t approve or can’t handle, don’t listen.
    @Kovain: it’s ashamed of “themselves”

  5. you people are fucked, you cannot even realize that this artist is bringing awareness too the subject of human trafficking. Do you want to be silent about an issue that is in our backyard. You people would rather it being silent because your too afraid too stand up and fight it. This artist is only bringing the issue too the surface and you lil cunts are afraid and would rather not hear of said issues. You think your life is perfect and do not want anything to do with the subject. You should go fuck youself and use some of your money to help instead of hiding behind of a computer screen. GOOOOOFFFF!!!

  6. You try to censor him because he isn’t spreading awareness in a manner that you deem appropriate. Bit late to the party but anyone who signed this petition is retarded.

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