The Beat of Cocolah Vol. 2


History was made when Cocolah founder and extraordinaire, Yah and respected underground deejay, Sakir joined forces to create the Podcast. Every 15th of the month expect to hear danceable “music to strut to” that spans genres but is guaranteed to get your feet shuffling, shoulders bouncing and head bopping.

This edition features tribal house music that calls on the ancestors to help us break a sweat in the name of all things esoteric.


  1. Mahuwelele ft. Candy Nurse (Boddhi Satva Afriki Soul Mix) – Mzee
  2. Mahuwelele ft. Candy Nurse (Manoo Mix) – Mzee
  3. Sounds Like – Bugz in the Attic
  4. Legacy (ft. Ty & Jennifer Johns) – Zion I
  5. My Sweetie – Wale
  6. Dance Ritual (Roots Mix) – Cerrone/Louie Vega
  7. Siarre (Sergio Flores Remix) – Studio Apartment
  8. Bang the Drum (Manoo Mix) – Sister Pearl
  9. Keep It Rockin’ (Tommy Bones Mix) – Wunmi
  10. Ayele ft. Yuba – Boddhi Satva
  11. Et La Vie Continue And Life Goes On (Ian Friday Libation Vox) – Yacoub
  12. Punch Koko Remix (Ancestry Mix) – Boddhi Satva
  13. Koro Koro – No Smoke

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