The Lotus Lab Show 49 – Dessert Wine I

I know I have been neglecting soul music as of lately. It hasn’t been too hard since we’ve been bombarded with songs of “Birthday Sex” and making girls say “Aahh”. It seems the days of real lyrics, real production and musicality have been overshadowed by microwave soul. This podcast is dedicated to the underground community who stay true to music that makes you want to rock back and forth instead of gyrate on an imaginary pole. These members of the underground soul community demonstrate innovative production skills with futuristic beats or jazzed out bass hitting thump. Take a moment to appreciate those who have decided to take the less traveled path and let’s celebrate artistic diversity and integrity.


  1. Breathe – Jill Scott
  2. Window Seat – Erykah Badu
  3. Divided Loins –  Kuddy LeBlanc
  4. Cold Pillow ft. Jesse Boykins III – Theophilus London
  5. You – Muhsinah
  6. Roberta Flack ft. Dolly – Flying Lotus
  7. Jump Up In the Air ft. Lil’ Wayne & Bilal – Erykah Badu
  8. I Don’t Do It ft. Tawiah – Eric Lau
  9. Constellations – Jimetta Rose
  10. Tribute – Dajla/Rubben
  11. Lil Big Heads – J*Davey
  12. Summer Love – Georgia Anne Muldrow
  13. Dance – B. Bravo
  14. Glory Us – Jimetta Rose
  15. The Walls – Rogiers
  16. Lords – Nosaj Thing
  17. My Secret Lover (Diplo Mix) – Private
  18. Delirium – Owusu & Hannibal
  19. Cheeba ft. Bilal – Shafiq Husayn
  20. Sunshine Lazy (Tony Nwachukwu Mix) – Zero dB


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