Parallel Dance Ensemble – “Run”

Here’s a video from group Parallel Dance Ensemble, “Run” and even though I couldn’t care much for the video, the track is pretty hot.  Shout out to all the producers (Robin Hannibal from Owusu & Hannibal did this track) who are making electric, futuristic beats.  It’s funny, when Common came out with Electric Circus people were making fun of him for being way ahead of the fold and now so many rappers are incorporating new sound into their music and being heralded as fresh and geniuses.  We should never clown an artists for having artistic growth.  It is not the fault of the artists for our unability to look forward. Although, sometimes, we as listeners may not be mature enough musically to handle the new direction.  I know when I first heard Bjork in the mid-nineties, I wasn’t really into her.  Only when I revisited her around ’98,’99 did I appreciate and eventually fall in love with her artistry.

(Instrumental version but still funky)


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