Chiddy Bang, my new fave cool kids

So I’ve been bumping Chiddy Bang’s mixtape, “Swelly Express” for awhile now and with the release of this video I’ve decided to not be selfish and share their music with you. The mixtape depicts their true story, which is a journey to making their music dreams happen. I love this duo and maybe after you check out their mixtape, you will anticipate new music from them too.

01. Get Up In The Morning
02. Never
03. Danger Zone
04. Fresh Like Us
05. Now U Know (feat. Jordan Brown)
06. Welcome To Major Label Inc (Skit)
07. Truth (feat. Passion Pit)
08. Meet Mike Hoffman (Skit)
09. Pro’s Freestyle 1.0
10. Awesome (Skit)
11. Dream Chasin’
12. Silver Screen
13. Slow Down (feat. Black Thought & elDee The Don)
14. Decline
15. Call (Skit)
16. The Opposite Of Adults (KIDS)
17. Voicemail (Skit)
18. All Things Go

Download this mixtape here.

And now the video for “Opposite of Adults (KIDS)”


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