Light-skinned vs. Dark-skinned Wale controversy

A few days ago, Wale announced the premier of his “Pretty Girls” video on 106th & Park, which sparked a lot of controversy amongst the black women circles. His video features an array of women but it is strongly overshadowed by light-skinned women. Wale, defended the video by stating that the director chooses the women and he has no say. I disagree, however. If you are the artist and are not happy with what is going on then it is your responsibility to say something about it.  It is the artist’s image that is on the line. At the end of the day, the artist’s name is attached to the video and therefore gets the praise or the heat, not the director. I think the real issue is that Wale probably didn’t even notice that there weren’t enough dark-skinned women therefore not saying anything.

What further angered women is the fact that Wale is African (Nigerian ancestry). However, he did release, “My Sweetie”, which was originally sung by Bunny Mack and is a catchy African tune. In this song and video he makes many African references and features plenty of dark-skinned women. Not to mention, the director of the video, Tabi Bonney is African as well.

After watching the “Pretty Girls” video, I wasn’t offended by it. As a light-skinned woman myself, I have engaged in many conversations about Black men’s color complex. Joy Daily, a VJ from DC, where Wale is also from, did a 6 minute rant on Youtube about how much she disagreed with Wale’s “Pretty Girls” video. You can check that rant here. Honestly, I couldn’t watch the whole thing because her rant was taking too long. Tell me what you think and while you’re at it, check out both videos.


One thought on “Light-skinned vs. Dark-skinned Wale controversy

  1. wow lol how dumb… you know, people will complain about anything! Even when a dark sister gets the spot light they aint happy either lol hence all the negativity about Gabbi’s freakin hair! Darker folks aint happy with themsleves …check that before you look for praise from someone else…nobody owes us anything in this world. I mean, I thought light-skinned was STILL black?? I mean really just sit down PLEASE! lol

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