Rihanna “Hard” ft. Young Jeezy

I am currently loving this video, “hard” (pun intended).  Even though the quality of Rihanna’s singing voice sometimes hits a nerve like nails running down a chalkboard, she kills it in this video.  The fashion and composition is hot and the fact that Young Jeezy is on the track is a great match up for my musical tastes.  She is killing me with the Mickey Mouse army helmet (shouts out to Otown).  Honestly, even though what happened with her and Chris Brown was atrocious and inexcusable on both their parts, I think it has given her even more of a push.  She seems to has come back with a vengeance since the drama and I’m liking what I see.  I think if she keeps this up she may give Beyonce a run for her money.  Note to Rihanna, some vocal lessons and less nasal sounding notes could make you a winner in my book.


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