The Lotus Lab Show 43 – Cafe Cool VI

Podcast available @ Itunes under "Lotus Lab"


We have all lost loved ones in our lives but over the past few weeks some of us have been suffering losses of a massive amount. This past week my grandmother left us physically and I dedicate this podcast to her.

In the days that have passed since the earthquake in Haiti, many people have reached out to help those that are in need. The Hope for Haiti telethon, which aired Jan. 22, was beautifully done with performances from an array of entertainers. The defining moment was when Wyclef Jean closed the show, first with his song “Yele” from his Carnival album and then he finished off with an uptempo carnival style song to emphasize that we have to celebrate life and not be burdened with sad thoughts.

This podcast is for all of those who have lost someone, whether it be from a break up, death in the family or demise of a friendship. The mix starts off soft and smooth and then ends in celebratory fashion to lift our spirits during hard times. It was therapeutic making this podcast and I hope you enjoy it as well. I love you Grandmama!


  1. Angels – Wax Poetic
  2. Teardrops Buterfly – Praful
  3. Halo – Beyonce
  4. Don’t Look Back – Bliss
  5. Gills or Wings – Sonnymoon
  6. Get Along With You – Kelis
  7. Soldier of Love – Sade
  8. Gills and Tails – Amel Larrieux
  9. Pen Just Cried Away – Eric Roberson
  10. Take Me Higher – Fertile Ground
  11. Thank U Mom (For Everything You Do) – St. Germain
  12. Here Comes the Sun (François K. Mix) – Nina Simone
  13. Tears Dry On Their Own (Alix Alvarez Sole Channel Mix) – Amy Winehouse
  14. Irreplaceable (Peckham Royalty Mix) – The Funky Lowlives
  15. Tribute – Sumo

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