NO BUENO!!!: Q-Tip stop rapping, ur making my ears bleed

This section is dedicated to my friend Cyren Young who has been attempting to prove to me that Q-Tip is still a dope lyricist.  I’m sorry but his rhyme flow sucks!!  He’s an awesome DJ, I won’t take that away from him but ever since A Tribe Called Quest broke up, his lyrical skill has been on the decline. He’s not a strong enough emcee to pen a whole album and keep me interested.  His lyrics are so simple at this point that he might as well add a southern Soulja Boy, Ying Yang Twins beat to it and then it would be more appropriate.  Now I must admit, there are times when he guest stars on someone else’s track and his flow is okay but that further proves that he can only handle a few bars and need not make anymore albums.  Stick to deejaying and maybe production and call it quits for rapping because really dude, there are so many underground emcees that would give you a run for your money.



This is an excerpt from his song “You”.  Honestly if this was made into an r&b song then it wouldn’t be so bad because you know that lyrics don’t have to be that deep as long as you can “sang” in order to get a pass.

“…lookin for how i see her
when i finally realized couldn’t believe it
i couldn’t, even swallow
had a lump in my throat my stomach hollow
i had a notion that things were fishy
but everything was fine so i’d be pissy
but when you wasn’t seeing me nights you get in
thats when the snoopin and shit it would begin
where you at?
where you going?
thats what i get when i pick up the phone
not a hello or i miss you
or the renaissnace how does it do?
suspicious ones go few
can stress out your brain
in weighs on your mane
and helps you peep game i thought it was me
but then i could it see”





2 thoughts on “NO BUENO!!!: Q-Tip stop rapping, ur making my ears bleed

  1. ha!.. ok, let’s be clear, i’m not here to prove anything regardin’ qtip’s skills or to make you a fan of his recent material. i understand that music is art, and art is left to interpretation. bottomline: everyone won’t like everything.

    that bein’ said, allow me to pointin’ out a crucial point in our recent convo regardin’ all this – you admitted that you haven’t really listened to “amplified” or “the renaissance.” i think its unfair to judge an artist without fully checkin’ out their material. beyond that, i think its also unfair to compare the solo endeavors with the history of such a legendary group.

    i think its impossible to expect people to remain stagnant when it comes to growth & maturity. we all evolve over time. qtip has certainly matured over time, but i don’t really think he’s really changed all that much (or lost a step, for that matter). however, i will say that perhaps the absence of his former partners in crime has allowed him to expand on what was always there and at the same time, brought more emphasis on his own personal style. its impossible to compete with that history, when we all know it was a collaborative effort.

    when i hear his recent material, i still hear the same cat who brought us “left my wallet in el segundo”, “bonita applebum”, “electric relaxation”, “lyrics to go”, and a long list of other classic hip hop jams…

    • The main reason I haven’t listened to his last two solo projects is because every time I hear new material from him the content is not worthy a second listen. I only need to get bit so many times before I realize that mosquitoes aren’t my friends.

      You wrote – “I think its impossible to expect people to remain stagnant when it comes to growth & maturity. we all evolve over time.”

      The problem with this is that I don’t feel that lyrically he has grown at all. Back when A Tribe Called Quest was still a group, the standard for lyricism was at a different level. With the exceptions of artists like Rakim and Big Daddy Kane, a lot of emcees were pretty simple with their lyricism. Now we’ve entered an age with artists like Jay Electronica, Vast Aire hell even Kanye West and the bar has risen. That’s like saying that even though Michael Jordan has a long history of successes and then his shooting average starts to decline we should just accept it? No, he retires.

      There comes a time when you have to move on if you are not up to par with the present standards. If he wants to grow as an artist and explore his other talents, he has my full support but I think it’s time for him to stop rapping unless he decides to do a reunion tour.

      Even when you compare his lyrics from “I Left My Wallet in El Segundo” with current material, he still was better back then.

      “…My mother went away for a month-long trip
      Her and some friends on an ocean-liner ship
      She made a big mistake by leaving me home
      I had to roam so I picked up the phone
      Dialed Ali up to see what was going down
      Told him I pick him up so we could drive around
      Took the Dodge Dart, a ’74
      My mother left a yard but I needed one more
      Shaheed had me covered with a hundred greenbacks
      So we left Brooklyn and we made big tracks
      drove down the Belt, got on the Conduit
      Came to a toll, we paid and went through it
      Had no destination, we was on a quest
      Ali laid in the back so he could get rest…”

      and just in case you don’t believe my argument, here’s another current lyric

      “…Come over here baby, don’t look so grumpy
      this kind of lifestyle could be so comfy
      we can start a clan just like the Kennedys

      You and I again, certainly we can expand
      feelings that should never end,
      you respect me like a friend
      but love me like your man
      no other could contend

      and we could be like those exposed to history
      like staying with each other w/truth and chivalry
      the things we go through they shape identity

      yes pretty, let’s do this all night
      consummate this thing and make it all right
      and when we cuddle up I promise that I’ll bite…”

      Please Q-Tip, keep all the lovey dovey ish to LL, he does it better.

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