Welcome to Tweet World #1 : @C_Rayz_Walz

C-rayz Walz is truly a unique individual.  To spend a day with him would require you to constantly stay on your toes as I have found out.  If he’s not having random conversations with himself (outloud) on subway platforms, or changing his shirt in the middle of the street in the Village, then he’s writing some sick rhymes. What’s also amazing is that to ordinary humans what he says may seem like mindless ramblings but if you tap into your higher self you realize that he is spitting some next level ish in morse code.  (chuurch)

Here are just a few select Tweets from this nut!

Matter Fact. I ain’t Been Intimidated IN A HEALTHY way by an MC since ILLMATIC. Thank u @JayElectronica The music out here confuses my soul

@TimelessBlas All Day. My Wjite Niggas Keep me Piffed out. Black Crackers always wanna smoke for free#BingWannaGetAway

@MishGoddess In a State where the Dealer won’t Drive 20 min for a $50 sack cuz it’s cold on Jan 2nd 2010#BingWannaGetAway Fake as hustla

@MsMariaG I am everything…and you would love everything about me cuz I am from concentrate. No Preservatives. I am H.I.M.

@PrincessKayB then Pop That Bubble Head Nigga in His Bobble. Trying to be Nice but I’m From The Bronx/Brooklyn. We Used to That Yellow Tape

@MsMariaG u so Crazy. I Think u’re in Love with me. Wanna be my ConvoLova? We’ll never touch or even see each other just talk….NEVER MEET

@hope_4 P.S. You Dig all of me. That’s why I Love u cuz I’m Invisible right now but u can still see me.Wow. U ARE SELF CHOSEN! I Never Pick.


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