The Lotus Lab Show 36 – Black Label

Podcast available on Itunes under Lotus Lab


Here is a new series to carry on the tradition of Chocolate Fondue and Afro-DJ-Yak (afrodisiac). It is a mix of soul and rap that emotes a mood and is perfect for a house party, lounge or bar setting. So take a sip of something bubbly and enjoy this ride. As a sidebar, I know one of the tracks has Lady Gaga on it and I always avidly speak on how much I can’t stand her Madonna/Gwen Stefani wannabe self. But on this track she did with Kid Cudi, I don’t mind her. Just like when she’s featured on Wale’s, “Chillin'”, she does alright hooks. So to clear up the confusion, I still think Lady Gaga is a bit much but she does get a pass this time.


  1. Big Boi
  2. Kardinal Offishall ft. T-Pain
  3. Kardinal Offishall
  4. De La Soul
  5. Eric Roberson
  6. Goapele
  7. Bjork
  8. Electric Wire Hustle ft. Stacey Epps
  9. Dub Rock Allstars
  10. Dirty Money
  11. Jamila Reagan
  12. Kid Cudi ft. Common & Lady Gaga
  13. Jamie Foxx ft. Kanye West & The Dream
  14. Metazon ft. Kev Brown
  15. Idle Worship
  16. Maroon 5
  17. Mr. Hudson ft. Kid Cudi

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