Diddy – Dirty Money “Love Come Down”

Puffy’s latest venture, Dirty Money, recently released their second single “Love Come Down”.  The beat is out of this world that I couldn’t help but download it.  As much as I can’t stand Puffy as a rapper, the two ladies definitely make it worth giving the tune a listen.  Puff just ruins the song once again with his weak delivery and soft lyrics that he always seems to have to repeat twice like he said something banging.  His verse was hella short and he felt the need to make sure we heard every lyric.  Every time I see him prancing around in all of his artists’ videos, the words “shiny suit man” still dance around in my head.  His narcissism is even more apparent with his name having to preface the group name of Dirty Money.  WTF? The only plus to the video is the two ladies, Dawn Richard (formerly of Danity Kane) and Kalenna (who unfortunatley if you squint might get mistaken for Estelle [eww!]).  Their styling is dope and who can pass up fresh dressed ladies and Kalenna’s “Total” dance moves?  Check out the video and let me know what you think.

And just in case you forgot who Total is and where the inspiration came from, here’s one of their hits, “Can’t You See ft. Notorious B.I.G.” and you will see what I mean about the dance moves and shiny suit man Puffy hogging spotlight.  Sorry for the bad quailty video though 😦


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