Lotus Lab Show 33 – Yardcore III

Podcast available on itunes under "Lotus Lab"

Podcast available on Itunes under "Lotus Lab"


Taking it back to the old school. Back to the days when the reggae jams had speakers from the floor to the ceiling and the bass was thumping so hard that it felt like your heart would jump out of your chest. I miss the days when you engaged in wine and dub sessions in the smoke-filled corner as you catch contact from the swirling ganja smoke. So grab a Guinness or Red Stripe and enjoy the ride. Cool runnings!

Yardcore III

  1. Good Life – Cocoa Tea
  2. Jamaica Nice – Yellowman
  3. Revolution – Dennis Brown
  4. Girlie Girlie – Sophie George
  5. Police in Helicopter – Eek A Mouse
  6. Sensimilia – Black Uhuru
  7. Skylarking – Horace Andy
  8. Money in My Pocket – Dennis Brown
  9. Undercover Lover – Josey Wales
  10. Pumpkin Belly – Tenor Saw
  11. The Border (Live) – Gregory Isaacs
  12. Mondays/Killer Tuesdays – Black Uhuru
  13. Roll Call – Tenor Saw
  14. Greetings – Half Pint
  15. She Loves Me Now – Cocoa Tea
  16. If Jah Is By My Side – Tony Rebel
  17. If Love So Nice – Junior Kelly
  18. Night Nurse – Gregory Isaacs
  19. Ganja Smuggling – Eek A Mouse
  20. Lots of Sign – Tenor Saw
  21. Hold Onto What You Got – Dennis Brown

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