Love was blind – Rihanna speaks out for the first time

I must say that this situation with Rihanna and Chris Brown is still appaulling.  I watched his interview with Larry King and he stated that he saw his mother being abused and that it had no effect on what had happend between he and Rihanna.  He also said that he was unaware of where that anger came from.  So when I watched this interview, I walked away from it feeling as if he made a major mistake that one time and should be forgiven.  Now after watching Rihanna’s interview, I learned that this abuse happened to her repeatedly and I am angered all over again.

Chris Brown is such a talented young brother and it’s a shame that he made these unwise decisions.  I feel like I now have to put him on the excommunicated list.  R. Kelly is on the list.  I will not listen to any song that has R Kelly featured on it.  I haven’t even listed to his music from when he was with Public Announcement because it feels like I would be cheating.  Even though R. Kelly got away with what he did, we all know he’s guilty and I can’t understand how people can still endorse his music.  Same with Chris Brown, I’m surprised he has fans left!  How easily we forget.  I’m no longer a fan however, so now it’s official: Chris Brown has made the #2 spot on the Excommunicated Entertainer List.  To be second to someone that pees on underage girls is not a good place to be in.

Rihanna’s  interview:


Just to go along with the theme of today’s blog, I present, Eve’s “Love Is Blind”


And to finish it off with a story we all know so well, Miss Tina Turner’s “What’s Love Got To Do With It”


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