DJ SAKIRDJ SAKIR, was born into music. Coming from a family of musicians of all disciplines on both sides of the family tree, it wasn’t far fetched to envision SAKIR carrying on the tradition. Growing up she remembers her father playing Philly classics, reggae and soul music especially on Sundays. In her youth she dabbled in chorus groups, played an instrument and even created mock radio shows.

After engaging in other art forms such as crochet and jewelry design, she made a decision to dedicate her life to music. TheDJ SAKIR day she was laid off from her daily job in the spring of 2009, she picked up the phone and booked her first gig.  She produces a monthly Lotus Lab podcast with her partner Modium and has a monthly residency at Rustik Tavern in Brooklyn. Her next order of business is spinning in other countries, making herself a household name, creating a online radio station, launching an online record shop with her father  and continuing to write her first novel.

DJ SAKIR takes pride in her musical selections, making it a point to showcase underground artists and upcoming stars.  She rarely plays contemporary music unless it’s an undeniable classic.  SAKIR spins underground rap, soulful r&b, electro, soulful/tribal house, dub, indie, drum & bass, dubstep, lounge and downtempo music.  If you want an eclectic mix for serious music lovers, check out some of her mixes.

Places DJ SAKIR has played:

Booking Info:


$40 per hour (5hr. max)



3 thoughts on “Moi

  1. Loved it when you spun @ Rustik, and can’t wait to see you again… are you single? hahahaha Peace,

    • Thanks Nitty! I spin at Rustik Tavern for First Fridays. I’m looking for other monthly locations that appreciate eclectic music. Would also love spinning at museum functions, fashion show afterparties and industry functions so if you hear of anything, please let me know.

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