The Lotus Lab Show 16 – Bon Voyage V

Podcast available on Itunes under "Lotus Lab"

Podcast available on Itunes under "Lotus Lab"


This is one of my most popular mixes. It introduces the Angolan dance music style of Kuduro to my listeners. It’s been out for some time now but I’m not sure if it will ever be popular in the States. It is similar to American rap because the majority of the elders in the communities where this music is popular try to ban it as was the case with hip hop in the beginning. The elders don’t agree with the way the kids dance so freely to the music and sometimes the lyrics are deemed inappropriate. Mostly spoken in Portuguese, here is a taste of this hot musical form. Don’t be ashamed if you wanna get up and dance!


  1. Ahomka Womu
  2. Magic System
  3. Molare & 113
  4. Magic System
  5. DJ Arafat
  6. Meiway
  7. Buraka Som Sistema
  8. Helder Rei
  9. Bab Lee
  10. DJ Malvado
  11. Helder Rei
  12. DJ Manya
  13. K.K.Z.
  14. Buraka Som Sistema
  15. Andrito CBA
  16. Artist Unknown
  17. Costuleta
  18. Magnesio
  19. Herve Denon
  20. Helder Rei
  21. Magnesio
  22. DJ Vielo
  23. Dog Murras
  24. Buraka Som Sistema

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