Basement Sessions – Baatin Tribute

To listen now click here: BASEMENT SESSIONS

As you may have heard, Baatin, formerly of Slum Village, passed away on the 31st July 2009.

The team at Basement Sessions wanted to celebrate the unique lyricist’s life. From the days of Fantastic Volume 1, right through to his collabortions with some of the finest producers and performers in the scene, this show brings back the classics!

RIP Titus Glover aka. Baatin

Here’s the show:
1. Slum Village – I Don’t Know f. Jazzy Jeff (Fantastic Volume II) 2000
2. Black Milk – Action f. Slum Village & Baatin (Popular Demand) 2007
3. Slum Village – What’s It All About f. Busta Rhymes (Fantastic Volume II) 2000
4. Dwele – A.N.G.E.L. (Reprise) f. Slum Village (Subject) 2003
5. DJ Jazzy Jeff – Are You Ready? f. Slum Village, Produced by J.Dilla (The Magnificent EP)
6. Slum Village – Fall In Love (Fantastic Volume II) 2000
7. Baatin & Black Milk – Marvelous (Marvellous Magic) 2007
8. Baatin & Black Milk – Magic (Marvellous Magic) 2007
9. J-88 – The Look Of Love (Part 1) (Best Kept Secret) 2000
10.Focus f. Frank Nitt, Illa J, Baatin & T3 – Homage to Dilla
11.Havana f. Baatin – The New Dance Show
12.Baatin – Scandal (Dirty District Volume 3) 2008
13.Slum Village – Forth and Back / Rock Music (Fan-Tas-Tic Vol.1)
14.Common – Thelonious f. Slum Village (Like Water For Chocolate) 2000
15.J Dilla – First Time f.Baatin & The Ruckazoid (Jay Loves Japan)
16.Baatin – Malakh (Currently Unreleased)

1. Souls Of Mischief – ’93 Til Infinity
2. Raul Supreme – Yesterday
3. Raul Supreme – Next Planet
4. Elaquent – Neon Glow (Turquoise)


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